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18” Spathiphyllum Small Leaf

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Celebrated for their ability to purify air, specifically indoor air, Spathiphyllum are very popular because they are easy to care and multiply. Their glossy leaves and spectacular white flowers add grace and simplicity to any home, office or shaded garden corner. True Plant Promise™ You Will Receive a Similar Plant The Plant Will be Shipped in a Black Nursery Pot
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Spathiphyllum Small Leaf

Originally from the jungles of Columbia, Spathiphyllum or the commonly called Peace Lily is a graceful-looking tropical plant that is a must have in modern Indian homes. Here are plants, that with little care add a touch of nature even as they help remove toxins and indoor air pollutants. Spathiphyllum are great for beginners as they are for collectors who are now on the lookout for newer, more sought-after hybrids of this plant.

Adopting and caring for Spathiphyllum Small Leaf

Adopting: Adding a lush, well-grown Spathiphyllum to a plant collection is a feeling only a plant parent can understand. At eplants, we bring you display-ready plants with high-quality growth, compact shape and well-formed leaves

Locating: Spathiphyllum have evolved in the undergrowth of tropical forests so they need shaded or filtered light. Set the plant up in a bright spot in your home or office. Direct sun will damage the plant, so give them indirect light as best as you can. They can also be grown under artificial fluorescent lights like the ones in office.

Potting: A Spathiphyllum does not need any special type of potting soil. Being a tropical native, they do well in any well-drained potting soil rich with organic material. Use a mix of coco-peat, compost, sand in 20:60:20 ratio.

Watering: Overwatering is the chief cause of disease or loss of plant life. While they need regular watering, do ensure that you don’t over water them. To get the plant to show off their glossy, green leaves, it is best to wipe clean their leaves with a moist tissue or cloth once every month. In drier months, misting them a few times a week could help improve humidity around the plant and helping them flourish.

Fertilising: Feeding your Spathiphyllum a few times a year is a good way to get them to bloom regularly. So give them some organic liquid fertiliser once or twice a year. Dilute it in water as described on the pack and add a little to each pot as part of your watering routine. If you are using a chemical fertiliser do ensure that you keep it away from the plant and its base.

A Peace Lily, with its unique character adds an air of calm and Zen to any indoor or outdoor setting. These plants are easy to care and flower freely if they have been provided with a good potting substrate. If your plant is set in an indoor location with very little light, it’s best to rotate the plant to a spot with better light, like a window, or the balcony. Do ensure that these locations do not bring harsh, direct light onto the plants.

Did you know?

The sobriquet Peace Lily comes from the fact that the raised white spathe (flower) of a Spathiphyllum looks like someone has hoisted a white flag.

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