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There seems to be a lot of options for ordering cakes online in Bangalore. However here is the truth. These websites fall into any of the following categories

Marketing Sites: These sites advertise heavily and once the order is placed, they outsource it to some local vendor. The local vendor picks up cake from low end bakery and completes the delivery. Very few of these do tie up with bakeries for local delivery. The challenge with these sites are that the final cake may never look like the photo you see on the website while you order and you are lucky if the cake is fresh and delicious.

Retail Bakeries with Online Sites: These sites are put up by bakeries with retail outlets in the city. Most of them have a franchisee based model. When you place an order, the franchisee nearest to the delivery location delivers the cake. The challenge here is that though the cakes may be made by a famous baker, the cake is prepared more than 24 hours before it gets delivered to the recipient. And we dont need to tell you how a stale cake tastes irrespective of how beautiful it looks!

Pure online Bakeries: is currently the only bakery with a pure online only model. We are mass manufacturers of cakes and we supply to bakeries across the city. However we do not have any outlets and this means we never have any inventory sitting on our shelves. We bake and decorate cakes only a few hours before the cake needs to be delivered, hence you can rest assured that the cake is fresh, delicious and delivered at your preferred time!

At this time, is the only website that allows you to order a cake at short notice (less than a couple of hours before delivery), allows you to choose from a 3 hour window and consistently delivers on time. All because this is the only model we operate in and we believe that this is the way cakes will be ordered and delivered in future.

So when was the last time you really had a Fresh and Delicious cake of your choice of Flavor? Check us out today!




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