Cake for Breakfast, Tea or Dessert?

When would you like to have that scrumptious slice of cake?

Friendships grow stronger while bonding over cake

Most people celebrate their birthdays or other occasions on weekend nights. But that is not the case when it comes to the office parties that celebrate during work hours. And there is the other end of the spectrum consisting of mothers & children that love to celebrate a birthday with cake, chips & soft drinks in the early evenings. Not to forget the midnight surprises too!

Midnight Surprise – what a delight!

This calls for cake at various hours of the day. Not all bakeries are equipped to cater to such varied customer time requirements. This forces customers to buy the cakes before hand & refrigerate it at home to serve their guests at a later hour. This can at times compromise the freshness of the cake.

Cakes are best served fresh at any party

We at WarmOven always give the first priority to our customer’s needs. We help create that moment of pride when a classy handcrafted cake arrives to your doorstep in the midst of your party & guests – thus fully guaranteeing its freshness.


WarmOven offer you a wide range of services by means of our delicious and fresh cakes as well as snacks. You can always depend on us to provide you with the best quality & customized cakes at reasonable prices and in the least time frame. We value every customer and understand that the delivery times specified by different customers may vary as per their needs.

Most bakeries open their doors only by 9 a.m. and shut shop by 9 at night. WarmOven on the other hand is open for service from as early as 8 a.m. all the way up to 12 midnight. We not only provide you with various time slots that would suit your convenience but also take care of delivering your orders to you at your doorstep – be it your home or party venue.


For those who do not have the elephant-kind-of memory and are at a loss of a bakery at the nth moment of a loved ones birthday, WarmOven is just a click away. Place an order at from the comfort of your room & we shall bring to you a cake freshly baked from the nearest WarmOven kitchen. Not tech savvy or no access to the WWW then simply call us on 80887-78809 and let us know your requirements.

WarmOven means Bakery with Convenience

May it be the morning rush hours, the afternoon lunch break, the evening tea time or midnight surprise, WarmOven shall get you a freshly baked cake at just the right time & that is a promise!



Provide us an opportunity to serve you once and your celebrations will always be ours!

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