Enjoy chocolate before it becomes a uber luxury

It’s the world’s favourite sweet treat – and this week one of the industry’s biggest players warned that supplies could soon be running low. It was Barry Callebaut’s annual report that sparked the latest round of anxiety about the future of chocolate this week. It joined other major industry players in bemoaning a 25% hike in cocoa prices this year – caused partly by the Ebola crisis – and warning of a “potential chocolate shortage by 2020” of as much as 1mn tonnes.

Of course, the manufacturers will come up with substitutes using vegetable butter, synthetic chemicals and what not, so chocolate availability will probably continue. However to enjoy a genuine chocolate based treat will definitely become a uber luxury.

So, when it is still within reach, enjoy a delicious genuine chocolate cake from Warmoven. May be there will come a time when you will be saying to your grand children, “Those were the days when we could afford and enjoy delicious real chocolate cakes”!

Delicious Chocolate Cake from Warmoven

Delicious Chocolate Cake from Warmoven


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