Easter Eggstravaganza!!!

The month of April celebrates another festival the world over - Easter. Easter is reverently celebrated in India by the Christian community. Easter season begins with Lent which is a 40 day period of fast & abstinence and ends with the Easter Sunday. Easter is a celebration of the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.

Easter day begins with mass held in the Church. It is followed by a lunch with friends & family. Apart from this there are many symbolic traditions surrounding Easter.

Easter Eggs - Kids enjoy an Easter Egg hunt around the yard trying to get hold of the most eggs possible in their baskets. Gifting decorative Easter eggs especially to kids is one of the oldest traditions of Easter. The eggs symbolize fertility & rebirth. A variety of eggs are made – hollow & filled with different types of candy or made of solid chocolate either Dark, White or Milk chocolate.

Dark, Milk & White Chocolate Easter Eggs by WarmOven

Dark, Milk & White Chocolate Easter Eggs by WarmOven

Easter Bunny Rabbit - The cute bunnies are another traditional character bringing goodies to kids somewhat like Santa Claus at Christmas. Similar to the Easter Eggs, the Easter bunnies are made of solid chocolate or hollow & filled with candies.

WarmOven's Bunny Rabbit cake

WarmOven’s Bunny Rabbit cake

Cakes & Cupcakes  - Easter cakes are made to resemble either of the Easter symbols – egg shaped, rabbit shaped, with bunny toppers etc.

Easter Bunny cupcakes

Easter Bunny cupcakes

Easter Bunny Cake

Easter Bunny Cake

WarmOven Easter Goodies

WarmOven loves to be a part of every festival & occasion your family celebrates. For Easter, we bring you a variety of cakes, eggs & cupcakes to gift to family & friends. As always we are open to your ideas & suggestions on customization of these Easter goodies to suit your needs.


Regal Red Velvet Cake for Easter


Last years cupcakes

Egg Shaped Cake

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Wishing everyone a very happy Easter!

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