Flipkart logs out of Payzippy

Flipkart’s much hyped payment gateway service, Payzippy, is being turned off. ¬†We at Warmoven, were users of this Flipkart’s service and to be honest, we loved it. About 2 or 3 months back we heard the news that Flipkart was no longer interested in offering the services of Payzippy to other ecommerce sites. November 20th 2014 was indicated the last date of availability of this payment gateway and all merchants were sent a notice to switch over to other service providers.

Payment Gateway of Flipkart

Payzippy – Missed Opportunity?

It is a no-brainer that as e-commerce explodes, payment gateways stand a good chance of making it really big. And Flipkart being the leader in the space of e-commerce in India, was leading the way in the Payment Gateway business, primarily for supporting their own business. And it made all the more reasons why they wanted to offer this to other smaller ecommerce players. Why not make some more money on every transaction that goes through them? If you are betting on e-commerce, might as well make the bet bigger by offering such services to other ecommerce players. And it is a given that the billions of dollars that will be get exchanged over the net in the next few years, even if it not so sure that Flipkart will be at the receiving end.

But somehow, after launching the Payment Gateway service Payzippy, Flipkart changed its mind. As a user, we can vouch that the service was good. Well, the reason for this change of heart may be many. But we suspect that the founders did not want to dilute their focus from their core business. There is also the news that one of the big promoters of Flipkart have invested a lot in another competing player in the same space, so it makes sense to ask Flipkart to shut this business. Anyway, it seems like a lost opportunity for Flipkart.

And now since Nov 20th, Payzippy has stopped accepting the payments from our sites. A lost opportunity or less distraction from their core business? What’s your opinion?

PS: www.warmoven.in now supports online payment through Payu.





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