From Home Maker to Home Baker..

Most people generally have certain talents which they tend to use within the constraints of their home only. They do not showcase their talent to the outside world for whatsoever the reasons best known to them. Expertise in the kitchen can be a good stay-at-home business. Baking is one such field where enormous innovations can be made. Just a little effort and a talented homemaker can become a good business person. For selling the bakery products, one need not open up a huge, well furnished bakery. You can just make an agreement with nearby coffee shop owners or bakeries and deliver them their daily bakery stuff by doing all the baking at home.


Some of the things you will need for your home bakery to get started are -

- An innovative recipe, competent enough with the available products in the market.

- A well equipped & hygienic kitchen

- Certifications and licenses from the authorized agencies

- A dependable source of quality raw materials

- Cost analysis and management

- Identifying suitable market space

- Presentation and packaging

As a prerequisite, select a list of lip-smacking dishes you are good at and get your kitchen set up. Determine if you are allowed to operate a bakery in your area by contacting the local authorities. Next comes the certifications and licenses. Fetching a license needs you to convert your kitchen into a commercial one with the equipment such as commercial gas connection, ovens, refrigerators, mixers, blenders, beaters and chimneys attached into it. Maintain a good going by setting high standards for yourself and achieving those standards.


Also, keep an eye on the cost by making a cost analysis so that you don’t spend more than what you earn. Purchase the items needed in bulk whenever possible. This helps you to save to a large extent.



Choose the target markets for your products appropriately; not all stuff can be sold everywhere. School children love assorted cookies, donuts, theme cupcakes, etc. whereas the restaurants get more orders for cakes, pies and breads. So there comes the difference between the two markets.


Presentation and packaging are also something important to focus on. Customers will be more satisfied if they get their products delivered in an appealing way. Give a thought on making your products look good but don’t try to be over-impressive in doing so.


If you are passionate about baking from a younger age and have plans of doing some home-baking, you can probably choose a diploma course on baking from a good institute. Taking up cooking, home sciences or food and hospitality as your subjects of study can be something of great use. Many well-established baking institutions provide various degree specializations on these subjects. Taking up baking or cooking courses, which span over a year or two, from a good chef in your area could also be a good option to learn essential skills along with some of nutrition and health related information. On-the-job training can also be achieved by taking up assistant, trainee or intern jobs in renowned hotels or bakeries. This enables you to gain lot of exposure to the market and learn presentation and marketing skills as well. Add to this is the growing list of baking books available in the market today for the self-taught baker.


Baking itself has so many specializations associated with it. You can choose to stick on to bake normal items like cakes or breads, which do not need frequent skill up-gradation. If not, you can go a step ahead to work on developing theme based or customized products, which requires being ready for any kind of order and take up challenges.

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Lastly, if you are thinking about going professional, certifications can be obtained by qualifying a set of exams. Certifications are not mandatory but enable you to get your licenses easily and get an edge over others in grabbing your clients.











A large number of home baking groups, such as the Home Bakers Guild, have their presence on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube Instagram, Twitter and Zomato. Following these groups can be a valuable source learning material & advice for how you can go about with building up your home bakery.


There is no stopping to what you can bake!

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