Holi Gifting Ideas – Festival of Colours

Joy is spread all over as the festival of colors is about to approach. The festival of Holi not just makes us look colorful but also fills colors in our lives. Holi is a day where all distress and rivalries among people are forgotten by coloring each other. It is a day when old or broken relationships can be regained, the day when new relationships are made, the day where all the relationships get stronger. It involves not just a shower of colors but a shower of love as well. The hearts get refreshed with love, the minds get refreshed by removing negatives and bodies get refreshed by the colors and celebrations. It is the where goodness prevails everywhere.


Everybody enjoys celebrating Holi. It is a festival for yound & old alike. Kids make the most of the Holi celebrations. They collect money from the neighborhoods and prepare for the festival weeks before. On the day of Holi, they get dressed up early morning and run around the neighborhood coloring everyone and playing small pranks on people. The youth celebrate the festival of colors by making groups and indulging in activities like “Dahi Handi” (breaking pot of buttermilk which is hung high by making human pyramids), group performances, dramas and dressing up as Krishna to steal butter from houses. The elderly perform fasts and pujas at home. They greet all visitors by applying gulaal on their foreheads.

When Holi comes with so many celebrations then the celebrations also involve gifts. Gifting your friends and family on such a special occasion makes the day even more special. Again as the celebrations are different for different aged individuals, the gifts should also be such that they go in accordance to the people’s likes and dislikes. Finding the right gift for a person is tricky. Just try to gift your special ones with something they have always yearned for, something that they’d like to have. It’s not the price of the gift that matters; rather it’s the feeling of the giver that matters.

The gifts that kids generally love the most are toys. You can accordingly gift elegantly wrapped packs of organic colors, a few pichkaris, water guns, water balloons, colored hats or holi themed masks. This would make the kids joyous enough for the occasion.



The elders of the family would appreciate idols like that of Krishna, Radha or other deities which give an auspicious and divine touch to the festival & is said to bring good luck. You can also make a personalised collection of divine songs, assorted dry fruits, few diyas or a pack of some herbal pesonal grooming supplies/cosmetics.



When it comes to gifting your wife, girlfriend or sister, there are a lot different options available. Every occasion can be adorned with flowers; the same goes for Holi too. Scented candles or diyas, suit the occasion too. Indian wear that can be worn on the festival or a range of skincare products. When you have to gift your husband, boyfriend or brother then the choice is again a different one. You can gift them with things like white Kurtas skin care products or their favorite gadgets.

Gifts are also presented to families, not just individuals. When it comes to gifting families, they consist of people of all ages. These gifts should contain things that everyone in the family would like. There are few things that can be gifted in such cases.

-          Sweets or chocolates – These gifts which go with any special occasion. A box of specially made sweets or a pack of assorted chocolates can be an ideal gift for the whole family.


-          Cakes – Special occasions are incomplete without cakes. They are the yummy and tasty dessert which adorn every occasion. Cakes can be crafted well to go with any event or theme however different it may be. Cupcakes, cakes, pastries, cake-in-a -jar, themed fondant cakes & the list goes on. The cakes can be crafted to reflect the spirit of Holi and its colorful glory.

When it comes to festive cake specialists, your most loved cake shop, WarmOven is always ready at your service. We, at WarmOven, have a range of special cakes for you to make your Holi special. Our special holi cake is a rainbow cake with a whipped buttercream frosting. The next is our special cake-in-a-jar; a perfectly moist cake served in a jar. This cake will surely make for a unique gift & be loved by everyone for its appearance and taste. Another option are our cupcakes, little multicolored cakes with coloured sprinkles. A box of these cupcakes would be an awesome treat for Holi.


WarmOven Holi Special



WarmOven Cakes in a Jar

WarmOven Cakes in a Jar

WarmOven Holi Special Cupcakes

WarmOven Holi Special Cupcakes


WarmOven would also be glad to welcome your innovative ideas and create cakes as you would wish. You just need to call us and share your ideas.

-          Dry Fruits – A collection of assorted dry fruits is another great gifting idea for any festival. Beautifully decorated packs can be made and gifted to your relatives and friends.



-          Holi Gift Hampers – You can make up a great holi gift hamper which includes many things reflecting the theme of Holi. Some of the items that can be put into these hampers include sweets, diyas, packs of organic colors and pichkaris, CD’s with devotional songs, idols, gulaal, pack of cupcakes, etc.

It’s not just the family, friends and relatives, the joy and happiness of Holi can be shared with everyone. If you are an employer, then sharing some joy with your employees is a great thing to do. This makes your employees feel special. Gifting in the corporate sector can be in the form of small gift hampers that contain sweets, cupcakes, chocolates or a pack of Holi essentials such as packs containing colored powders, diyas, water guns and so on.

Sharing the joy with everyone doubles it up. So go ahead and plan a perfect Holi this year spreading not just colors but also lots of love and joy.

Team Warmoven wishes you a very happy and colorful Holi!!!

Holi collage

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