August 15th – A Day of Immense Pride for INDIA

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August 15, 1947, a day when a nation and its entire population got a new birth. It was a day when a nation which had been crippling in the shackles of colonialism was set free.

A day INDIA commemorates with its head held high.

This very day, 7 decades ago, started with the people and their leaders waiting to celebrate their new found freedom; waiting to hoist the tricolor high in the skies in the place where the colonial rulers had their flags; waiting to remove the foreign influence from the country and awaken the rich Indian heritage.

Lowering of the Union Jack & Raising of the Tricolor

Lowering of the Union Jack & Raising of the Tricolor in 1947

This was the scenario 70 years ago when our fathers and forefathers were as old as we are. Today, after 70 years of Independence, the day arouses the same feeling of pride and enthusiasm as the people had in the past.

Even after 7 decades, every Indian takes pride being a part of the Independence Day celebrations held at numerous locations throughout the country.

Celebrations at Red Fort, Delhi

Celebrations at Red Fort, Delhi

Celebrations at Gateway of India, Mumbai

Celebrations at Gateway of India, Mumbai

Celebrations at Manekshaw Grounds, Bangalore

Celebrations at Manekshaw Grounds, Bangalore

The sense of pride and patriotism is elevated more by singing the National Anthem and hoisting of the national flag. It lets us feel the struggle that our freedom fighters such as Mahatma Gandhi, Chandrashekar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Lokmanya Tilak, Chatrapati Shivaji, other patriots and soldiers went through to protect our nation. Without the efforts of all those selfless souls, we would still find ourselves caged under the influence of the foreign rule.

Our freedom fighters

Our freedom fighters

Commemorating the day of August 15, 1947, the Indian subcontinent celebrates the Indian Independence Day every year on August 15th. The day is celebrated by hoisting the national flag at the historic Red Fort in New Delhi followed by a speech delivered by the Prime Minister of India. The speech mainly addresses the nation to contribute towards the eradication of problems from the society such as illiteracy, unemployment, corruption, poverty and many more. The same is accompanied with an honor to the brave soldiers of the nation, parades and a short cultural celebration. Every Indian doesn’t get to be a part of these celebrations on the historic day. Nonetheless, every person makes sure not to miss out watching the Live telecast of the Independence Day celebrations at Delhi on their home television.



The joy of Independence Day is best seen among the kids. Kids love to get dressed up in their uniforms along with a tricolor badge pinned onto their dress and a tricolor band on their wrists. The flag hoisting, participation in an Independence Day march and the cultural events are the best part of the celebrations at school. In colleges, the flag hoisting, short speech and a few cultural events are held. As all other festivals and special days, the excitement of Independence Day celebrations is more prominent as kids. But, the pride and honor for the nation never goes down for any individual, may it be an adult or a kid, a man or a woman, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh or a Christian. This is the spirit of the united India. This signifies the unity in diversity of India, the united India which the builders of the nation always dreamed to have.



Everything Tricolor


Ready for a patriotic cultural performance

The Empire State Building, New York, lit up in the Indian Colors

The Empire State Building, New York, lit up in the Indian Colors

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