Bangalore’s best last minute cake delivery!

A recent consumer survey in the US found that about 26% customers shop for gifts at the last minute. From our own experience in Bangalore, a good 30% of our orders are same day orders. Take the example of Valentines day. About 20% of the early birds  order a week in advance, another 30% in the last few days. Then there is the major rush on the eleventh hour, being reminded by what their friends are buying for their loved ones or the ad’s being shown. And then finally, are the really lazy ones, who wake up last minute and say “I need a gift delivered in the next couple of hours”. So, which category do you belong to?

There is enough advice on how not to forget those important days of your loved ones. But we decided to look at things differently. If people are going to remember sending gifts and cakes last minute, why not cater to them and build capabilities to deliver such requests.

Last Minute Cake Delivery in Bangalore

Last Minute Cake Delivery in Bangalore

So be it a birthday, anniversary or any occasion for which you want to send a delicious and fresh cake in Bangalore, think of If the website does not show you options for your preferred timeslot, go ahead call us at 89710-00300 and there is a good chance that we can deliver anywhere in Bangalore with a 2 hour notice and with 1 hour in Central Bangalore. And yes, we are talking of a freshly baked cake of your choice of flavor and weight.

And if you are the types that remember the day after, we can always delivery a “Sorry” bouquet and cake!



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