Theme party birthday cakes

So many kids birthday’s that every party looks the same. Want to do something different? Try out a theme party.

Select any theme that excites your kid and get the cake and the decoration done for that theme. Here are a few pictures for cakes for theme parties.

Birthday Cakes for Theme Party

Beach Party

CakewithanimalsJungle Theme Cakes

CakewithLionCake with Lion

Castle_CakeCastle Cake

Fireman_Firetruck_cake Fire Turck

FootballField_Cake Football Field

KitKatCake Kit Kat Cake

Lightning_Mcqueen_cake Lightning Mcqueen

SleepoverCakeforgirlsSleepover Cake for Girls

Don’t find anything that is to your liking? Send us an email with a picture of the cake that you like or call us and explain what you have in mind. We will bring that cake into life. No, we don’t need a 3-D printer for making these, our chefs are experts at making shape and theme cakes.

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