Plum and Rum cakes now at Warmoven

The Christmas season is incomplete without the traditional plum cakes. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we all love the dark, moist, plum cakes that are filled with raisins and fruit pieces. Special recipes include some spices that add the zing into the cake. Fruits and raisins are soaked in rum and that makes the cakes all the more yummy.

It is possible to become intoxicated from consumption of excessive amount of rum cake, and some rum cakes such as Tortuga contain even more than five percent of certain grain alcohols. However the Rum and Plum cakes at Warmoven just have a hint of rum. 

Rum and Plum Cake for this Christmas Season

Rum and Plum Cake for this Christmas Season

So, go ahead order a delicious cake for yourself or for any of your friends and family in Bangalore. Get it home delivered with out any extra charges!

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