Sharing a warmoven cake

Sent in by one of our regulars

Advice for others when having ordered a Warmoven cake and being forced to share it with someone else.

A big man and a small man were sitting in the restaurant car of a train, and both ordered a delicious looking chocolate cake. When the waiter brought the cake slices, there was one big slice and one small one. The small man, served first, promptly took the big slice of cake; the big man complained that this was extremely impolite. ‘What would you have done if you’d been offered first choice, then?’ asked the small man, in a tone of annoyance. ‘I would have been polite and taken the small piece of cake,’ said the big man smugly. ‘Well, that’s what you’ve got!’ said the small man and dived into his cake!

And while you are eating a cake, can you figure out how to cut a cake into 8 equal pieces in just 3 cuts?

Sharing a Cake and getting the bigger slice

How to justify taking the bigger slice!


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