Thank you for our Diwali Gift

Diwali is the time of the year for exchanging gifts. On our part, we have been diligently distributing cakes and gifts all over Bangalore under the Warmoven brand. And it looks like all that effort put in by our team has not gone unnoticed.

Here is the feedback collected on JustDial with a review from 195 of the the thousands of our customers. Check it out directly on Justdial’s website

Feedback and Rating of Warmoven

Justdial ratings of

While we are working hard to avoid having any average or poor ratings, about 94% of our customers have rated our service as Good, Very Good and Excellent. We are confident that none of our other competitors have anything close to this. And we will strive to continue to be on top.

And the results are here to see. Check the Alexa Ranking of Warmoven, a proxy for the visitors to the website and the popularity of the website, shows you the trend.

Alexa Ranking of

Warmoven Alexa Ranking on 24th Oct 2014

Alexa for Warmoven

And the steep climb up the popularity charts


We have a long way to go to the top. And again, Alexa is just a proxy to the popularity of the website and we do not want to be fixated with it. We would rather build a great business on the foundation of customer satisfaction, but these confirmations along the way make us confident that we are on the right path.

A sincere thanks from the Warmoven team to all our customers, well wishers, partners, ambassadors and vendors for helping us reach here. This has been a great gift for us this Diwali! And we will continue to change the way cakes are ordered and consumed!

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