And the reviews say it all

So with WarmOven we took a big bet on a certain aspect of the cake business. Our take was that freshness of a cake has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction of how good the cake is and this will drive repeat orders. And if the review on a completely neutral website of Justdial are anything to go by 92% of our customers have rated us as ‘Excellent’, ‘Very Good’ and ‘Good’. And it is a good 172 reviews! Of course, we are concerned about the 8%, but our investigation has revealed the lower ratings are due to other reasons, rather than the product itself.

Internally the numbers are more striking. We have achieved over 90% reorders from our customers, most of them online. Like they say, it costs 9 times more to get a new customer than retain an existing one and we are doing our best to keep our existing customers happy. We would like to believe the rest 10% have not yet had an opportunity to reorder from us.

All this leads us to the conclusion that our initial hypothesis of fresh cakes being the most important aspect was correct. And this makes us stand out from the numerous other online cake options where those players are just middlemen and do not operate bakeries.

And ofcourse, as we would like to put it

The proof of the pudding is in the eating“.

In our case, it is our cakes that you must try out! So when are you placing your order with  WarmOven?

Warmoven Customer Rating on JustDail

Warmoven Customer Rating on JustDial


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