Warmoven Looking for Brand Ambassadors

WarmOven is looking for Brand Ambassadors in Bangalore

Job Description

Most of us have had mixed experiences even when we have purchased cakes from the best bakeries in town. Even if you get the cake of your choice, it is most likely prepared the previous night and by the time you consume the cake, it is more than a day after it was prepared. And then the hassle of carrying it carefully to the party!!

The WarmOven concept was originated by 3 MOMPreneurs from our own experiences of running bakeries as well as having cakes from around the town. You bet, we had to work hard to shed all those extra calories :-)

WarmOven (www.warmoven.in) is your neighborhood bakery that is now online.

Our advantage over a traditional bakery is that -

  • our cakes are always made-to-order and hence very fresh
  • we deliver to a customer’s premises
  • we have unlimited choice since all cakes are made to order

We are now looking for Ambassadors who will drive the adoption of our Cake Delivery Service by enrolling new users and ensure continued usage from them. 


  • You will need to talk to pre-schools and birthday event managers to enroll them as customers of WarmOven. We are welcome to other ideas from you as well.
  • You will also need to ensure that these folks order from us regularly for any celebrations
  • Required to spend a 2-3 hours per day calling pre-schools & event managers (we will provide a list)
  • If you have an interest in writing about food, you can contribute by writing and posting images on our blog


  • You have an interest in starting a cooking & baking venture, but don’t know where to start. Learn how to create a new food business ground up
  • Learn from a team of investors & promoters that has collectively invested, managed and worked at more than 10 start-ups in their career
  • Get a taste of the entrepreneurial world and some awesome cakes too!
  • And finally just try it!!


  • Your mobile phone bill can be covered
  • We will pay you a commission on every order that you generate. And this increase if you sell more!
  • Free shopping vouchers for outstanding performers (now, that you should interest you!!)
  • Learn to manage a bigger team, as we scale up. Become a city lead!


We are changing the way cakes are consumed – always fresh and always yummy! You can be part of this revolution too.

Write to us at ceo(at)warmoven.in on why you would like to be part of our program.



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