The Warmoven Smart Cake!

On one hand we have the Android one phones being launched at 6k+ price range. And then the news that 10 million iphone 6′s have been sold in the first 3 days!

Whatever the craze, it is driving up the demand for our Warmoven Smart Cake . In the last 1 week, we have delivered 10 of these to our delighted customers. Ehm, that number is better than the sales of the Amazon Fire Phone, what with most AT&T stores selling less than a handful over the weekends. And note that are not priced at 99 cents like the Fire phone!

Our Smart Cake can be ordered from any of your smart phones and is available in chocolate, black forest, butterscotch, pineapple and a wide variety of flavors. Weight of 1kg or 2kg and in the case of this smart cake, heavier the better.

Order online for free delivery in Bangalore now at

Smart phone cake

Smart Cake from WarmOven. Limited Edition!



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