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  1. Vanilla Cake
    Rs 349.00
  2. Marble Cake
    Rs 699.00
  3. Carrot Cake
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The most popular cake had usually at tea time is now gaining more popularity as an all-time snack and dessert. Light, moist and healthy, loaf cakes are guilt-free snacks and can be had at any time of day. A variety of loaf cakes available from in Bangalore, Hyderbad & Pune. Freshly baked loaf cakes are available in various sizes and in eggless options as well. Vanilla Cake – Keeping flavours simple with this classic Vanilla Loaf Cake. Subtle on flavour and light on the palate, this loaf cake is perfect for an afternoon tea-party with friends. Special Banana Cake – Health and taste rolled into one gorgeous golden loaf cake. Moist with the fruit and baked to perfection this is the best Banana Cake you can ever have. Marble Cake - Such a simple yet super delicious Marble Cake perfect to add extra charm to your tea tray. A moist cake with the flavours of classic vanilla and rich chocolate baked into one loaf. Carrot Cake – An impressive loaf cake that rates high on health and taste! Packed with plenty of flavour from finely grated carrot and baked fresh. This loaf hits all the right notes!