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Group birthday parties have never been easier! Pick a pack of mini cakes to celebrate your birthday along with friends. Petite and pretty these mini cakes are perfect for any occasion or simply to indulge that sweet tooth over the weekend with friends. Choose from a wide range of flavours available and get your freshly baked mini cakes in flavours of your choice delivered right to your doorstep. Delicious Mini Cakes available in packs of 3 & 2 at Bangalore, Hyderabad & Pune. Mini Cake (250 Grams) – Pack of 3 Choose Any Flavour - Celebrate a small birthday party with your loved ones and this mini cake combo. Choose from a range of delicious flavours available in packs of 3. Each Mini Cake weighs 250 Grams. Mini Cake (250 Grams) – Pack of 2 Choose Any Flavor – Can’t decide between our delicious flavours, then pick a pack of two Mini Cakes. Freshly baked cakes in 250gms in a flavour of your choice.