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Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake

Rs 549.00

There are 100 ways to express love, but are you looking for the perfect 101st way to articulate your affection? Try our elegant Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake, and the message will be conveyed- loud and clear.

In contrast to traditional creamy birthday or anniversary cakes, naked cakes have no frosting. This draws attention to the texture and colours of the cake rather than the fancy dressing. Only a little amount of frosting is required to hold the layers together. It is the sensation of the season right now!

Prepare yourselves for the perfect celebration of two with this simple yet stunning red velvet heart-shaped cake. While the rich, spongey, delectable cake melts in your mouth, it has exactly the perfect flavour and colour to melt your heart as well.

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Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake


Red velvet cakes are the ultimate cakes for a celebration of love. We mould the rich taste of these cakes into passionate hearts. The blend is bound to be the perfect statement of affection. Our Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake has just one goal: to be a simple yet bold centre of attention during your beloved’s birthday, or your anniversary celebration.

We offer a range of sizes for the Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake, so you can settle for what you find ideal. Keep the cake small and simple for a personal mark of love with a 500 g cake, or make an extravagant show of love with a 2 kg variant.

In any case, your sweetheart’s birthday surprise or your anniversary celebration will be unforgettable with this cake.

You’ll find yourselves walking down memory lane and thinking of all the good times after our Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake has achieved its goal!

Delivery and Care Instructions

  • Our ingredients are all freshly sourced and of the greatest quality.

  • Images of cakes are solely for illustration purposes. Cake stands and other props are purely for display. Since all of our cakes are handcrafted by our chefs, the final product may differ in colour and design from the website images.

  • There is a risk of cross-contact and the presence of allergens in certain of our goods since our kitchens handle components like wheat and nuts.

  • Your cake will arrive in a hygienic and durable cardboard cake box.

  • Before serving, non-edible materials such as toothpicks, dowels, skewers, or wires used to support fondant figures must be removed.

  • We only use edible food colouring that is of the highest quality. The colour of cream cakes, on the other hand, has a staining tendency. The colouring on the skin is harmless and will disappear after a few washes.

  • Due to temporary ingredient limitations, flavour, design, and colour substitutions may be required.

  • Cream cakes should be kept in the fridge. They may be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

  • Fondant cakes do not need refrigeration and have a one-day shelf life. They should be kept in a cool and dry location.

  • Remove the cake from the refrigerator 5 minutes before cutting or serving.

  • The cake should not be frozen.

  • Keep cakes away from direct sunshine and warm areas.

  • To obtain clean cake pieces, follow these guidelines: Dip the knife in hot water, then wipe with a clean cloth before cutting the cake. Wipe the knife after each slice to ensure a smooth and clean cut.

Opening Doors To A Hearty Anniversary Celebration

WarmOven's Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake will encourage you in honoring the privilege of being together. Spending each day with the love of your life is, without a doubt, the best gift! A remembrance of this is certainly brought by an anniversary celebration.

Well, why not make your anniversary even sweeter by adding a little something special to your day? Choose from our range of Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake sizes to make your anniversary unforgettable and one-of-a-kind, whether it's your first or fiftieth anniversary.

Our delectable Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake will help you arrange a memorable anniversary party, so place your order with us now.

The Perfect Cake For The Perfect Valentine’s Day Celebration

Gifts are one of the ways for lovers to amplify how they express their affections to their significant other. For two lovebirds, Valentine's Day has a special meaning, no doubt!

Your lover deserves to be on cloud nine today, don't you think? According to folklore, romance is born in the depths of the heart. The form of a heart is a popular symbol of Valentine's Day love and celebration.

In the notion that giving anything in the form of a heart can heighten the feelings of love and passion between two people, many presents are made in the shape of hearts. A heart-shaped cake might also be a symbol of everlasting love if this is true.

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to spruce up the atmosphere with a heart-shaped cake for a loved one. The Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake by WarmOven is a great way to express yourself exclusively and innovatively. It's one of the best options available!

On-Time Delivery With WarmOven

Time is of the essence when it comes to the celebration of a birthday or anniversary. We understand that at WarmOven. So, we will make sure that your Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake is delivered right on time to your doorstep.

You can specify a convenient time slot while ordering, and we’ll take it from there! You can opt for fixed slot timings or same-day delivery- or even midnight delivery.

The Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake will reach your or your intended recipient as a freshly baked, carefully-packaged delight!

Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to make modifications to the design of the Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake?

The only aspects of the Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake that may be customized are the size and the message you intend to convey. This is for the simple reason that the Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake is baked to be a traditional, no-fuss, and elegant expression of love. Try to make your proclamation of love for your darling as clear, strong, and exquisite as possible!

Q. Can I have the Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake delivered anywhere in India?

Absolutely! All you have to do is place an order for the cake and customize it to your liking, choose a delivery day and time frame, and give the recipient's address. On the occasion of a birthday or anniversary, one of our delivery partners will take the cake right to the door of the lucky recipient!

Q. Is it possible to select a specific delivery time frame when placing an order?

Of course, you may schedule a precise time frame for cake delivery in your city—or any other location. WarmOven is all about making things as simple as possible for you to accomplish your celebration goals.

Q. To surprise someone special with the Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake, is it possible to order one in advance?

Definitely! Provide us with the address of your receiving party, and we will make preparations for the cake to be brought to them as a surprise birthday or anniversary gift on your behalf. Our ability to keep secrets when it comes to a surprise party is part of the routine for us!

Q. Is it possible to get the Naked Red Velvet Heart Cake at midnight?

Yes, without a doubt. We do deliveries at all hours of the day. If you need a cake delivered at midnight, you may choose the 11 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. time frame for any forthcoming events. We have a network of couriers and delivery partners that all work together to ensure that your cake is delivered on time to your door. There's no stress or hassle!

Care Instructions

Delivery and Care instructions

  • All our ingredients are sourced fresh and are of the highest quality
  • Cake images are only for reference. Cake stands and other props are used for illustrative purpose only
  • All cakes are handcrafted by our chefs hence the final product may have variations in colour and design from the website images
  • Our kitchens handle ingredients like wheat and nuts and there is a risk of cross-contact and the presence of allergens in some of our products
  • Your cake will be delivered in a hygienic & sturdy cardboard cake box
  • Non-edible items such as toothpicks, dowels, skewers or wires used to give support to fondant figurines need to be removed before serving
  • We use only high-quality food grade edible colouring. However, the colour from cream cakes has a staining tendency. The staining on skin is non-toxic and will fade away after a couple of washes.
  • Substitutions of flavours, designs or colours may be needed due to temporary unavailability of ingredients.
  • Cream cakes should be stored in a refrigerator. Fondant cakes should be stored in a cool place.
  • Remove the cake from the refrigerator 5 minutes before cutting/serving
  • Do not freeze the cake
  • Do not keep cakes near sunlight or warm places
  • Cream cakes can be stored in the fridge for approx. 2 days
  • Fondant cakes do not need refrigeration and have a shelf life of 1 day only
  • Tips to get clean cake slices:
    1. - Dip any knife in hot water, immediately wipe with a clean towel and cut the cake
    2. - Wipe the knife after cutting every slice for a smooth & clean cut
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