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Getting Him to Cut a Fun Birthday Cake This Year!!


How soon the years have gone by. Your little boy who you saw doe eyed in the cradle is now all over the place. While for you it feels like yesterday, he is now ready to cut his birthday cake. Yes, it’s time for a birthday party for your son.


And while you plan the games and the decor, we know what’s occupying the centre of your mind: the Cake! 


Because, years from now, when he looks into all those pictures, you would definitely want him to be pleased at the effort you took to make his first birthday special for him. 


Those beautifully frosted cakes may be nice for your mom or even your best friend. While the cake may be delicious, your son may not give you the reaction you would love when you present his birthday cake for him.


That being said, we at WarmOven present to you a range of interesting birthday cakes for boys, so all you have to do is make a choice. Here is a brief look at what you can find:


Superhero Cakes - Batman, Superman, Spiderman and More. Making a choice here should not be difficult because if your son loves Batman, he may be expecting a Batman cake for his birthday. The same holds true if he is a fan of Superman, Spiderman or Iron Man. 


Well, now if your son seems to be a fan of all of the Avengers, you have arrived at the right place. Our Avengers cake will surely brighten up his birthday party. 


Other Cartoon Cakes for Your Birthday Boy


So, what if your son is not into superheroes yet? WarmOven has an interesting collection of cartoon cakes for birthday boys that your little one may find appealing. Let’s have a brief look at a few of them: 


Thomas the Train - That devout train character that does his duty with dedication could be one of your child’s many TV programs. Every child does get delighted at the sight of a train. A bright blue train with a sweet smiling face and a lot of colorful cream on it will delight your son thoroughly. 


Chotta Bheem - That little guy who eats the big orange laddoo and finds the strength to defend his friends from all the evil around. Familiar with him? Then, your son has been watching his series for some time. Here are some birthday cakes for boys modeled on this character that you can have a look at. 


Angry Birds - And what if he loves shooting those pigs from eating bird food? Is your son a fan of angry birds? Then, he is going to love to see those cartoon characters from his favourite game or the Angry Birds movie on his birthday cake too. Have a look at it from our collection of birthday cakes for boys. 


No Favourite Cartoon Character yet?


Don’t worry, our birthday cakes for boys surely has something for you. Find cakes with the theme of circus characters, jungle animals and so much more that young boys have a fascination for. No matter what your son likes, we are sure to help you with a cake that makes his day memorable. You just have to keep the candle and the knife ready, and yes, of course, add to cart the birthday cake for boys that you have finally decided to buy. We have your little boy’s birthday sorted!