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A coastal town in Udupi district located around 6 kms from the main city. Manipal is a student hub known for its Medical and Engineering colleges. It is a home away from home for students. Delicious cakes and desserts from WarmOven are now available in Manipal to celebrate every moment in life. You can order cakes of your choice and have them delivered to your home or your friend’s hostel at Manipal too. We have cakes for all celebrations be it birthday, anniversary, promotion or just to celebrate life. WarmOven cakes are prepared and packed with strict hygiene making it trustworthy and the first choice in these times.

Best Bakery for Online Cake delivery in Manipal

WarmOven, Manipal's best bakery, offers you a wide range of cake delivery in Manipal for every occasion – be it a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, bachelorette etc. All our cakes are handcrafted & freshly baked daily with only the freshest ingredients in a hygienic process. Order the tastiest cakes online from the best bakery near you!

Online Cake delivery in Manipal for all Flavours

WarmOven birthday cakes are the best birthday cakes online in Manipal. WarmOven birthday cakes come in a range of delicious flavours from chocolate to fruit giving you plenty of choices to choose from for those who love chocolate we have the best chocolate cakes like the delicious & smooth Creamy Chocolate cake to the exotic Ferrero Rocher Cake. If your loved one is not a fan of chocolate, we have delicious Butterscotch Cake, Red Velvet Cake, and other seasonal fruit flavours like Smash Cakes, Litchi Cake, Mango cake & Mixed Fruit Cake as well that are just as delicious.

WarmOven also delivers unique and tasty Cupcakes and Jar Cakes at Manipal. These cupcakes and Jar Cakes are exclusively available with WarmOven.

What is the list of all flavours for Cake delivery in Manipal?

Along with the flavours we do cake delivery in Manipal for all sizes right from 250 grams Mini Cakes to Half Kg cakes to 5 Kg custom cakes.

Cake Flavours Available Cake Weights Available Cake Flavours Available Cake Weights Available
Red Velvet Cake Half Kg Blackforest Cake 1 Kg
Butterscotch Cake 1.5 Kgs Chocolate Cake 2 Kgs
Choco Chip Cake 3 Kgs Strawberry Cake 4 Kgs
Photo Cake 5 Kgs Custom Cake Custom

Online Cake Delivery in Manipal on Special Days

Celebrating a special occasion like a Birthday,1st Birthday, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding, or other special days like New Year, Christmas, Friendship Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Diwali requires a delicious & beautiful cake. WarmOven has cakes for every occasion made with the finest ingredients & delivered to your party.

Every occasion calls for a particular design. Children love cartoon themed cakes while we prefer gifting heart shaped cakes to our loved ones on Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary. Our cakes are beautifully handcrafted and designed to suit your requirement. Ordering a cake for any occasion at Manipal is now simple and hassle free with the best range of cakes from WarmOven.

Birthday cakes delivery in Manipal

Find Manipal’s most delicious birthday cakes without leaving your home now. WarmOven is the best online bakery in Manipal and it allows you to order online and have the freshest of birthday cakes delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Manipal.

We make the cake part of any birthday party easy. Simply check out the options available online before placing an order for a beautiful birthday cake at WarmOven, the best bakery near you. We have delicious birthday cakes like Red Velvet Cake, Rich blackforest Cake, Dark Chocolate Cake, Pineapple Cake etc.

WarmOven has some unique custom cake designs available for little children’s birthday like the Funfetti Pinata Cake loaded with surprises, KitKat Gems Cake, Oreo Cookie, Winnie pooh cake,sponge cake and Ferrero Rocher Cake that are most loved by kids.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to have a party at a restaurant or at home, because we at WarmOven deliver freshly baked cakes all over Manipal. All you have to do is order a birthday cake online and we will have it safely and hygienically delivered to your doorstep.

Buying a cake for any occasion is easy and fun with WarmOven. You don’t even have to step out of your house to get a special cake. WarmOven has a fast, convenient and hygienic cake delivery service in Manipal.

Anniversary Cake Delivery in Manipal:

Choose from only the best Anniversary cakes at Manipal. You can send a beautiful wedding anniversary cake in Manipal to surprise your parents on their 50th wedding anniversary or your in-laws on their 75th wedding anniversary. Wedding anniversary cakes add meaning to every anniversary celebration be it cakes for 1st anniversary or cakes for 5th anniversary and we make your day extra special with our beautiful anniversary cakes. Our chefs create some of the most dazzling Anniversary cakes at Manipal.

You can also choose to have a photo print of your wedding day photograph on a delicious Black Forest Cake and surprise your spouse on your wedding anniversary day.

Marriage Cake Delivery in Manipal:

Every wedding calls for the most elegant and stunning cake that is the centre of the occasion. At WarmOven we create the perfect cakes be it a large pristine white engagement cake or a dazzling multi-tiered wedding cake. Our cakes are made fresh and decorated in detail as per your requirement. We customize cakes depending on the choice of your flavour, number of guests and design of your choice. Simply speak to our cake experts who will guide you on cake design, flavour & size for your big day.

Beautiful wedding cakes that taste just as wonderful make your wedding ceremony all the more beautiful as guests will delight in the taste of a freshly baked cake served at the wedding party.

Our specialised handcrafted wedding cakes are the best you will find online at Manipal. We deliver the wedding cakes with care to your wedding venue. Elaborate wedding cakes will be baked fresh and assembled at your wedding party venue leaving you to attend to other important things on your special day.

Buy the best photo online Cake in Manipal for Your loved One

You can now buy a beautiful photo cake online at Manipal. Simply send us the photo to be printed on the cake and choose from a range of flavours & sizes available. We will make the cake extra special for you. Find a favourite picture from your album and send it to us to photo print it on the birthday cake with some freshly whipped cream on the sides to add to the appeal & flavour of the cake.

Photo cakes are available in plenty of delicious flavours like Butterscotch, White Forest, Creamy Chocolate, Pineapple, Peppa pig and many more. Photo cakes are perfect for any occasion. Get your kids a photo cake with their favourite cartoon character on it or celebrate your team’s achievement with a photo cake with your company logo on it.

Order Best Theme Cakes online in Manipal

WarmOven has the best custom cakes for theme parties. Choose a character or theme that goes well with the theme of your party. Our expert chefs handcraft each theme cake carefully keeping all intricate details in mind. Each cake is hygienically prepared and safely delivered to your party venue. Choose from a variety of custom cake designs available for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers with theme ranging from movies, cartoons, games etc. WarmOven has some of the best designer cakes available online like the Shoppers Delight cake for your girlfriend or a Smartphone shaped cake for your boyfriend. We have also created a range of naughty Adult Cakes. Simply email or call us to know more details about our naughty Adult Cakes.

Our custom cakes are available in many delightful flavours and in sizes ranging from 1.5 kgs to 5 kgs. to suit your requirement.

Eggless Cake delivery in Manipal

Now you can have your cake without egg & eat it too. WarmOven bakes the most delicious and fresh eggless cakes. Our eggless cakes are available online in all flavours and sizes as well. Browse through our wide range of eggless cakes and have them delivered to your loved ones at Manipal for a special occasion. You can now get eggless customised cakes and many other flavours home delivered at Manipal.

Custom Cakes Delivery in Manipal

Your loved ones can be made to feel special by ordering a custom cake that reflects their likes and passions. Be it a love for movies, music, gaming or wildlife. At WarmOven we create the best hand-crafted custom cakes and custom cupcakes to suit your requirement and match your party theme. Some of the common customized cakes are mom-to-be cake, Barbie doll cakes, bridal shower cakes, harry potter cake, 1st birthday cakes, blueberry cakes. Choose from a wide range of beautiful cakes.

It can be quite a daunting task transporting a custom cake from a bakery to your home or party venue. Most often it leads to the cake being damaged in the process. At WarmOven we take the hassle out of transporting an elaborate custom cake back to your home. Simply order a custom cake online at Manipal and we will have it safely delivered to your party.

Cupcakes and Jar Cakes delivery in Manipal

The small yet tasty cupcakes are becoming so popular especially among the health conscious who love to take a bite of their favourite dessert in a bite size. May it be as gift for your girlfriend or a birthday present for mom, a box of cupcakes makes for a great gifting idea. Available in a huge variety of flavours & designs, the best cupcakes in Manipal are from WarmOven and are so delicious that they cannot be shared! You can now order cupcakes online and choose from a number of delicious flavours to be delivered to your loved ones at Manipal.

Jar cakes are a whole new way to enjoy a dessert at any time or place. Order the best jar cakes in Manipal from WarmOven. These hard to resist mini desserts in a jar are bound to be a hit at every family get-together or party.

Delivery Options for Cake delivery in Manipal at WarmOven

At WarmOven we are highly flexible and do midnight cake delivery or any fixed slot as requested by the customers. Beyond cake delivery in Manipal, we also enable cake pickup from our store at a fixed slot

WarmOven Special Deliveries WarmOven Special Deliveries
Free Delivery Same Day Delivery
Fixed Time Slot Midnight Delivery
Store Pick Up Instant Cashback

Midnight cake Delivery in Manipal

Surprise your loved ones by having the best cake delivery in Manipal to their doorstep at midnight. Order the best birthday cake online from WarmOven and have it delivered at midnight on the same day anywhere in Manipal. Midnight surprise cake deliveries make birthdays & anniversaries extra special.

Cake Delivery in Manipal in Fixed slot Timings

Now you do not need to pick up a cake in advance and store it at your home to celebrate at a later time. WarmOven offers you online cake delivery at a time based on your convenience or requirement. There are multiple convenience time slots through the day all the way until midnight. Choose a time slot for cake delivery as per your schedule and party time.

Cake delivery in Manipal on same day for Your family

If you need a cake on the same day at Manipal, look no further. WarmOven delivers freshly baked cakes in Manipal on the same day after you place an order. Select from a range of cakes like Red Velvet cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Butterscotch Cake, Vanilla cake & send them to your family & friends on the day of their birthday.

FAQs about Cake Delivery in Manipal

1) Can I send a cake from USA to Manipal?

Yes. If you are living anywhere out of Manipal for example in the US, you can conveniently send a cake to your loved ones at Manipal by simply ordering a cake online from WarmOven. All you need to do is choose from our range of cakes, choose a time slot & provide the address where you’d like the cake to be delivered at Manipal.

2) Can I give a fixed delivery slot while placing an order?

Yes, with WarmOven you can order a cake online to be delivered at a time based on your convenience or requirement. There are multiple convenience time slots through the day all the way until midnight. Choose a time slot for cake delivery as per your schedule and party time.

3) Can I ensure Cake delivery in Manipal as a surprise?

Yes. The best way to surprise your loved ones for their birthday at Manipal is by ordering a beautiful cake from WarmOven online and having it delivered to them on the day of their birthday or at midnight. Surprising your friends & family was never so easy.

4) Can I get a Custom cake delivery in Manipal?

In Manipal, WarmOven has the best custom cakes for theme parties. Choose from a variety of custom cake designs available for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers with theme ranging from movies, cartoons, games etc. WarmOven has some of the best designer cakes available online at Manipal, like the Shoppers Delight cake for your girlfriend or a Smartphone shaped cake for your boyfriend. Our custom cakes are available in many delightful flavours and in sizes ranging from 1.5 kgs to 5 kgs. to suit your requirement and will be delivered right to your doorstep.

5) Is Midnight cake delivery possible in entire Manipal?

With WarmOven you can surprise your loved ones anywhere at Manipal city by ordering and sending a freshly baked cake to them on their birthday. WarmOven offers free delivery to any location within Manipal city limits.

In which areas do you have Cake Delivery in Manipal?

We have a centrally located bakery in Manipal with the best infrastructure for making & delivering tasty and delicious cakes and delivering it anywhere in Manipal city limits.

Location Pincode Location Pincode
Cake Delivery in Manipal Katapadi 574105 Cake Delivery in Manipal Kalathur South 574106
Cake Delivery in Manipal Bhantakal 574115 Cake Delivery in Manipal Alevoor 574118
Cake Delivery in Manipal Adi-udupi 576101 Cake Delivery in Manipal Doddanagudde 576102
Cake Delivery in Manipal Ambalapadi 576103 Cake Delivery in Manipal Dist. Offices Complex 576104
Cake Delivery in Manipal Kelarkalabettu 576105 Cake Delivery in Manipal Krodashrama 576106
Cake Delivery in Manipal Athradi 576107 Cake Delivery in Manipal Kudrukere 576108
Cake Delivery in Manipal Bellarpadi 576113 Cake Delivery in Manipal Kallianapura 576114
Cake Delivery in Manipal Badanidiyur 576115 Cake Delivery in Manipal Kattingere 576120
Cake Delivery in Manipal Innanje 576122 Cake Delivery in Manipal Arekandige 576124
Cake Delivery in Manipal Aroor 576213