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  1. Happy Birthday Rainbow Cake - Customizable
    Happy Birthday Rainbow Cake - Customizable
    Special Price Rs 1,799.00 Regular Price Rs 2,199.00
  2. Happy Birthday Pink Cake - Customizable
    Happy Birthday Pink Cake - Customizable
    Special Price Rs 999.00 Regular Price Rs 1,249.00
  3. Happy Birthday Teddy Cake - Customizable
    Happy Birthday Teddy Cake - Customizable
    Special Price Rs 1,799.00 Regular Price Rs 2,199.00
  4. Doctor Theme Cake
    Rs 2,699.00
  5. FRIENDS Cake
    Rs 5,799.00
  6. Stoners Cake
    Rs 1,499.00
  7. Beer Mug Cake
    Rs 1,999.00
  8. Bride To be Cake
    Rs 2,799.00
  9. DJ Cake
    Rs 2,899.00

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Custom cakes are now just a few clicks away! Please visit Instagram to see more options.

Have you ever imagined why two cakes of same size and weight cannot be compared in terms of the price tag? The reason for the high custom cake prices is due to the toil and expenses involved in them that are usually designed by creative cake designers according to the inputs given by the customer. Custom cakes are made only to order so that you can get a personalized cake that matches not only your eating needs and food habits, but also the occasion for which it is meant. You can lend your own imagination to the cake by incorporating into it all the elements that you feel are necessary for the particular celebration. That is why you need something exclusive and out of the box instead of traditional cakes that hardly have a sense of uniqueness to them. Check out gifts for boys depending on your budget, needs, and preferences. Customization options may encompass diversity in terms of flavours, letters, colours and even the overall design to skilled decorators and bakers who really take things up several notches. Take a closer look at some wedding planning blogs or attend any large scale event of contemporary times, you will certainly see that novel online custom cakes and of course, cupcakes are the latest trends that are fast climbing up the ladder of popularity. After all, a creatively made cake is a fabulous surprise without merely being a part of the overall refreshment and food section.

Enliven your party by ordering customized cake online

Whenever you decide to purchase a customized cake it is advisable to set a clear budget and stick to it, but it's also important to understand what you are getting for your money. Cheaper almost never means better, especially when it comes to customized cakes online. Truly, it is not “just a cake”, it is a labor of love. The cake will always take centre stage out of all the food that is chosen. You should research and review a few aspects with your baker before you order custom cake. Most importantly, you need to decide whether you prefer a filling which is fruity such as orange or even strawberry or even something on the heavier side like chocolate or mocha.  The kind of ingredients that are used will always have the potential to change tastes in this case.  Strawberry cupcakes are also loved by one and all. Exotic options for custom made cake in Bangalore, such as passion fruit, may be way too expensive, so it is better to learn whether getting hold of any uncommon ingredients can burn a hole in your pocket. As a Valentine’s Day gift, most skilled bakers can easily make the perfect sugar flowers for your cake, while some others can also create personalized designs, motifs or even some sculptural elements. You can take a look at the pictures of previous work done by these individuals to get a clear idea of their specialization and techniques, before you order custom cake online.

Custom cakes online are available at affordable prices

Using customized cakes near me can be a fantastic way to celebrate birthdays and anniversary, besides a gamut of other special occasions. They are simply a reflection of what you closely associate with the event and what you wish to see when the table is set for the cake. Some also choose to organize their party around a particular theme, and the cake is customized accordingly to suit it perfectly. Also, you can personalize it with your choice photo or a message of love that you express spontaneously, be it Spiderman cakes or something similar.  One of the best ways to have customized cakes in Bangalore is to choose a category where you get a chance to select the cake on the basis of its design, size, recipe, and flavor. After this all you need to do is to personalize it by mentioning what you want to see in it. Then comes the details of delivery of customized cakes Bangalore. As everything is done, it is time to answer the doorbell and accept the cake from the cake delivery boy. If you wish to send flowers online, you can follow the same steps. You are also paying for the baking experience (and days, weeks, and months of recipe development) that produces wonderfully tasty custom cakes online that can also hold up to being stacked and shaped.  Cake artists also have knowledge of structural support systems that need to be there whether your cake is pillared/doweled or not.  In addition, there is the cake artist’s time to bake and create your masterpiece, her (or his) experience, and potentially a substantial monetary investment and countless hours in workshops, training courses, and conferences spent to hone this skill.  Consider also that even the simplest cakes usually take 8 - 10 hours of time and that more elaborate or difficult designs can take more than 35 hours.