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Cakes are an integral part of every celebration, be it a wedding or a birthday, an engagement ceremony or an anniversary. Each occasion feels incomplete without a proper presentation of a beautiful cake. In recent times, people are making progress towards every kind of art form, so baking is also an art that surely puts a smile on everybody’s face. Customized cakes are the talk of the town, and you could easily explore a variety of options in the same category of custom cakes.

With the rising demand and dependence on the internet, people are constantly availing of all the goods and services online. In recent times, ordering a custom cake online has become the easiest thing ever! This gives the bakers, a chance, to explore their talent in bringing out the best in different kinds of cakes. A customized cake, is the talk of the town, as it surely makes a person feel special in a big way.

When it comes to online designer cake delivery, WarmOven serves the purpose tremendously well, with a plethora of varieties in custom cakes and other types of cakes as well. If you are residing in Delhi or around the NCR region, you can now get the best in designer cake collections.

WarmOven lets you put a tick mark on all the clauses that one needs to fulfill to get their hands on the best-customized cakes, and other things that are available in a bakery. With the progress in time, the craze to get a designer cake is ever increasing.

Best Online Customized Cake Delivery in Bangalore

We believe in making every event special. This is the very reason why the products that are being used to make custom cakes are the best on the market. Starting from the assorted creams to the bread batter, each aspect of the preparation is taken care of by the team of expert bakers that we have. A customized cake is prepared with the involvement of an expert team at WarmOven.

A designer cake should necessarily be made out of different flavours. Starting from chocolate to vanilla, strawberry to butterscotch, red velvet to blueberry, to each its own. All the flavours are curated meticulously for the customers, for them to be able to come back to WarmOven, over and over again.

Nowadays, the custom cakes include the photo cakes, which is very much in the trend of ‘customized cake fashion’. To make your close ones feel happy and extra special, it is always a good idea to get a photograph of your choice printed on the customized cake. This not only brings back memories but also helps in creating new ones.

So, if you live in Delhi-NCR, Nasik, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Pune, Hyderabad, and Manipal, then get the best-customized cakes delivered at your doorstep without any hassle. A custom cake prepared in WarmOven surely comes with all love and warmth to its customers.

WarmOven makes it a point to deliver the best deals in the apt amount of time required for making the delivery of any customized cake. The packing is done in a way, that the delicate designer cake stays as it is!

Custom Cakes for All Occasions

A good and yummy custom cake can bring satisfaction to everyone's taste buds, be it any event or celebration or any kind of milestone in life. Therefore, WarmOven makes it a point that a custom cake of any kind is made to perfection.

Now celebrate a silver, diamond, or golden jubilee like never before. Also, the best part about WarmOven is the fact that one can place an order barely an hour before the stipulated time of the celebration and the cake will still be ready and delivered.

Leaving behind the confusion of which cake to choose, check out the drop-down list of the customized cakes that are available on our platform. The wide range of variety on all the bakery products would surely serve to be a steal-deal for you and your close ones.

When we talk about a designer cake, it comes with many incredible designs, as well as, color shades. There is a wide range of themes for girls and boys, women and men, which would immediately attract their attention. With such a huge demand for designer cakes, in recent times, WarmOven makes it a point to bring in the best bakers to the table for designing the best-customized cakes.

You may be sitting in any corner of the country. With a smartphone and a proper internet connection, sending all the affection and love through cakes becomes super easy!

To order the perfect custom cake, it is extremely important to know the choices of your loved ones so that the order can be prepared in the best way possible. A customized cake can be prepared in many styles, so look out for your preference on our website.

Types of Designed Cakes Available

The three major kinds of customized cakes that are available and can be ordered online are discussed below:

  • Fondant Cakes:

    Custom cakes are made and designed to perfection with an additional top layer of icing, which is edible. These types of cakes give a better look to any cake, making a person drool over the same. Fondant cakes are also known as designer cakes.

    Now you must be wondering, what is the fondant made of? So, it is crucial to note that the fondant is prepared out of three major components, namely, sugar, Gelatin as well as Glucose. These designer cakes are so much in demand, that one should invariably go for the best choice that is available in the marketplace, like WarmOven.

    Though most cakes are edible, few of the cakes are decorated with toppings made with ingredients that are ready-to-use.

    Since custom cakes come in a variety of colors, one could easily think that the colors may harm a person. However, WarmOven does the job best by using the colors which are being certified by the FSSAI. There is an option to use vegan ingredients for those who want to. With the goodness of everything best, one can completely rely on the customized cakes by WarmOven.

  • Cream-Based Custom Cakes:

    These designer cakes are everyone’s all-time favourite! Ever since childhood, we grow up relishing the pastries and cakes whilst enjoying the cream thoroughly.

    Can you imagine a pastry or a cake without the cream? I am sure, nobody can. There is a range of variety in the types of designed cakes that we make. Starting from Barbie cakes to Alphabet cakes to Teddy cakes, each one has its charm.

    We are a 100% trusted bakery when it comes to using the best quality cream and batter for the preparation of the cake. With the right amount of frosting in all the customized cakes along with the normal ones, you can now enjoy a delicious cake party like never before!

    The splash of colors on all the custom cakes makes a person feel happy from within by just having a glance at the same. One can get their cakes customized in whichever way they like and WarmOven does the job most meticulously by looking into the smallest of details in the cake.

  • Special Wedding Cakes:

    Are you getting engaged or married? As we know, no wedding is complete without a lavish, multiple-tiered cake, WarmOven makes it a point to make the best-designed cakes.

    There's nothing like a customized engagement ring cake to close your engagement ceremony with. WarmOven makes sure that their customers have the best of time in their most special ceremonies of life, so they design, decorate, as well as, pack the cake in one of the most surprising ways.

    Starting from simple wedding cakes to 2 or 3-tier wedding custom cakes, it’s surely a win-win situation with WarmOven due to the flexibility in designs as well as delivery timings.

    The most special days of your life should be etched in memory for all time to come with WarmOven. The luxury packaging of the cake would surely steal the show of the evening!

Customized Cakes for People of All Age Groups

The whole point of customizing a cake is to reflect the different interests of people belonging to diverse age groups. A child, from 2-6 years old, will have interests completely different from those of people belonging to a higher age group.

Therefore, with this customization process, WarmOven gets to explore the many likes, as well as, the interests of people, and prepare the cakes accordingly.

Starting from custom cartoon cakes including Pokèmon, Angry Birds, and Spider-Man cakes, to Funfetti Pinata gems cake, Chocolate Rainbow Cake, etc., each type will make you feel special in a way that instantly catches a person’s attention.

Those who belong to the elderly age group can get their cakes customized in any which way they want to. They could also pick up their favourite movie or TV Series character, and get that embellished on their custom cakes.

These days, half-cakes are in trend and one would not believe the beauty of these designed cakes until they see the same. Other types of cakes include Bento, Mini, and Fusion cakes, all of which are beautiful in different ways.

Why Choose Custom Cakes from WarmOven?

Here’s a list of key pointers as to why one should opt for us when it comes to designer cakes or customized cakes:

  • Designer cakes form the best memories.
  • A designer cake makes everyone feel special.
  • The freshness of these designer cakes could be felt just with a small bite of the cake.
  • The uniqueness of any designer cake is something that everyone loves!
  • A trendy designer cake can also guide the way for people, to put up a broader message to their peers.
  • The kids are a part of everyone’s life, and one can do anything to bring a smile to their face. A designer cake makes them the happiest.
  • A themed party, of any kind, feels complete with a presence of a stupendous designer cake.
  • As mentioned earlier, baking is a work of art, to make a designer cake brings a lot of creativity to the table, giving due credit to a bakery or the baker.

Therefore, all customized cakes are here to stay to make a person feel on top of this world!

As you know, any celebration is incomplete without a cake, and nowadays, a customized cake. It is extremely obvious that everyone at a birthday party or any other event visits with a small aspiration of having a delicious cake, especially a designer cake. It does not matter what the size of the cake is, it matters how the cake makes a person feel, in their taste buds.

WarmOven, not only provides the best-designed cakes, but it also makes sure to bring freshness to its products. The ingredients used for making all the delicacies are fresh and one would immediately understand the same by just having a bite of it! We believe in making the cakes with an extra bit of love, which makes the product even better. With each season, the fruit of the season can be enjoyed as we specialize in making the custom cakes made out of that particular fruit flavor. WarmOven is simply a combination of the best services, that includes delivery on the same day, or midnight, according to one’s choice.

To top the game, WarmOven believes in free delivery, which is a rare scenario in general. One can save on the cost and find the best deals around. You can check the list of custom cakes on warmoven.in, by searching for "custom cakes" in the drop-down list of ‘custom cakes’. WarmOven gives their customers multiple reasons to come back time and again with some amazing offers. You surely do not need any more reasons to not order from us, because we are surely here to serve the best in town!