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Cakes are a requisite for every kind of occasion. Be it a wedding, birthday, an anniversary, or any other celebration, without the right kind of cake, everything seems incomplete. Also, to give the best boost to your taste buds and sugar rush, a cake or a pastry does the job tremendously well.

A celebration should feel like one, with the best kind of food, decor, as well as, desserts and no dessert is complete without the cakes of different kinds. In recent times, there is a huge variety of cakes that are available in the markets.

When it comes to WarmOven, it leaves no stone unturned in bringing out the best from its in-house bakers for every celebration. Making each celebration the best of all times, we bring to you the best in the bakery products.

In the times when everything is constantly changing towards development, photo cakes are the trend. Your birthday can be made more special than ever by getting a special ‘photo cake’.

In earlier times, the way people used to conduct their lifestyles was simple, hence the cakes were also very simple in their designs, as well as, flavours. However, with so many innovations around us, bakers are also gaining experience in designing birthday cakes and other cakes in a much more stylish manner than before.

Best Online Bakery for Birthday Cakes in Bangalore

A celebration of any kind, especially a birthday party cannot just simply take place without the best tasting cake in the city! Be it of any flavour, one aspires to have the best cake for their birthday celebration, as that serves as making ‘that’ particular day memorable.

With photo cakes, any birthday or anniversary celebration can become the talk of the town. WarmOven is a bakery that is well-equipped with the best bakers around the country.

The increase in the demand for such photo cakes is the reason why bakers at WarmOven are trying their hands on various types of designs on a regular basis. In a world where you can do most things online, the cake delivery process is not at all a distant dream. Rather, people these days prefer ordering their custom photo cakes online which serves many purposes to the customers.

For example, if you have an anniversary celebration tomorrow, and you are looking to surprise your spouse with a photo cake at midnight then, let WarmOven take this opportunity to present their best self in the form of some lip-smacking and stunning designer photo cake, which would surely make your day special.

If you are wondering how the photo cakes are being prepared, then we must tell you that the products that our bakers use for preparing any birthday or anniversary cake are 100% approved by the FSSAI.

Photo cakes are those kinds of cakes, which have images printed on them. This printing process is carried out by using the ‘edible icing’ for the cake. One must know that any photo cake, for any sort of celebration, is made out of special and edible ink. With the help of this edible ink, the photos are being imprinted on the cake, hence making it extremely safe and trusted for consumption in the market.

The printing of the photo is done with another component known as the ‘rice paper’ or ‘icing paper’, which is made of rice, potatoes, and cornflour. All these three things are very much edible and safe for consumption for people of all age groups.

This ‘rice paper’, after the printing is done, is put on the top of the cake of any flavour of your choice, making it a photo cake of the best sorts.

Affordable Photo Cakes for Every Celebration

Human beings are born to celebrate the little, as well as, the big things of life. Be it an achievement, a birthday, an anniversary, or any celebration that matters to you, the right kind of cake would illuminate the event like nothing else.

Those of you who are thinking of getting photo cakes for any such celebrations and have a specific budget in mind, then you are at the right place. WarmOven with a variety of cake sizes, flavours, and budgets is an option very apt for all those people who are willing to get their cakes for an anniversary celebration or any such event.

The cherry on top of the cake is the steal-deal of free delivery provided by WarmOven with all orders. Be it pastries or cakes, with absolutely zero delivery charge you can avail the best offers that are accessible in the market.

With the massive digitalization that is happening across the globe and in India, the constant urge of humankind to move towards something smarter and better is never-ending, and rightfully so. It is because of the progressive printing techniques that a person can enjoy the delicious photo cakes. The beauty of the photo cakes is such that the memories of having the cake home would always be etched in your memory.

Send Celebration Cakes from WarmOven With No Hassle

With WarmOven, you can get the delivery of an anniversary or other cake at the stipulated time without any hassle. The best part is that you can choose the desired time slot while doing the booking online, and the people at WarmOven make sure that they make the delivery promptly.

Time is a constant that changes periodically, and with time, people change as well. Your loved one will be someone who would expect the most from you, on the special celebration of your lives. Therefore, this gesture of sending the photo cake at the right time could make your special one feel at the top of the world.

WarmOven is your one-stop solution for all the celebrations at home! With the easiest format of placing an order online, you could save on time, as well as, delivery charges. The rest is taken care of by us!

With such a busy schedule, people often tend to forget or get confused with the timelines. With just a press of a button on your smartphones or laptops, your photo cakes will be delivered to your doorstep with the best presentation that one would ask for.

Why Choose WarmOven for Birthday and Anniversary Photo Cakes?

Let's look closely at some of the reasons for coming back to us, time and again for the best photo cakes for events like an anniversary and a birthday.

  • A birthday cake, be it small in size or large, is a special aspect of that very special day. Therefore, for the best designs and imprints of your all-time favourite photos, WarmOven does the job meticulously.
  • The photo cakes that we provide, have zero artificial sweetening and all the parts of the cake are made of natural ingredients.
  • To top the celebration of the day, WarmOven makes the delivery well in advance, as getting a photo cake for a birthday or anniversary is difficult at the last moment. WarmOven surely saves you this extra stress!
  • The variety provided by us is unmatchable! Yes, you read it right. For kids to adults, the designs that are being used to make a photo cake are unbelievably beautiful.
  • From family photos to the photos of your friends from a memorable trip, a picture of each kind is well-embellished in the cakes for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Last but not the least, WarmOven makes it a point to do the packing of the photo cake tremendously well so that the customers’ first impression is great!

Birthday and Anniversary Celebration Photo Cakes Availability

Do you know what makes our bakery the best in town? Primarily, it is because of the large-scale availability of the same in multiple metro-cities of India like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mysuru, Delhi, Gurugram, Nashik, and a few more places.

Finding the perfect anniversary or birthday cake could easily be a task at times. With WarmOven, you can now search photo cakes by events. Be it for girls or boys, women or men, finding the right cake for any celebration is made easier with WarmOven’s known services across these cities.

Types of Birthday and Anniversary Photo Cakes at WarmOven

Now get a list of birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration photo cakes to get the best idea about which one you would like to get -

  • Easter Photo Cake
  • Kitkat Birthday or Anniversary Photo Cake
  • Customizable Birthday or Anniversary Cake (Photo of your choice)
  • Heart-Shaped Birthday or Anniversary Cake
  • Birthday Photo Cakes in Cupcakes

In recent times, ice cream or frozen birthday cakes are every kid’s favourite. If you are looking for one, place your orders today!

Best Online Anniversary and Birthday Photo Cake Service from WarmOven

Now make every anniversary and birthday special with WarmOven’s specialized range of photo cakes, cupcakes, custom cakes, and pastries. With an array of choices, you would surely find your best one for any event.

Check our website warmoven.in and get some stunning deals for your next special day. We promise you memories, freshness, and a tray full of deliciousness, as we prepare every order with utmost sincerity. Soon, we are planning to increase our chain of service throughout India, so that everyone can enjoy the best bakery-related delicacies while sitting in the comfort of their homes!