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Smash Cake - Customizable

Rs 509

Our Smash Cake is precisely what it sounds like- a cake meant for the sole purpose of being smashed! The Smash Cake takes the age-old fun tradition of smearing cake across the cake-cutter’s face a notch higher. Enjoy a frosty and messy birthday or anniversary party with our delightful Smash Cake as the highlight of the celebration.


Choose from a delectable assortment of flavours, ranging from the classics like Chocolate Truffle and Vanilla to the exotics like Mixed Fruit and Pineapple. We also offer a choice of frosting colours including Blue, Pink, White, and more. Customise just the way you want and place an order right now!!

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Hey, what's a Smash Cake? It's one of the latest cake and celebration trends around! A Smash Cake is a fluffy cake coated with an extra generous amount of icing in a colour of your choosing.

While edible, smash cakes are more enjoyable when they are crushed, battered, and smeared on your friends' faces!

In addition to the main birthday or anniversary cake, consider ordering this charming Smash Cake to make any birthday or anniversary celebration an even more fun-filled occasion.

The Smash Cake will make sure the celebration will get messy- or even competitive. Not to forget, the priceless photographs will be something you'll cherish forever!

Smash Cakes For The Perfect First Birthday Celebration

Smash Cakes are also quite popular for a little one's birthday celebration. Just order a pretty little miniature smash cake and let the birthday baby smash it and relish the fun. Not only are smash cakes super cute and pretty hilarious, but they make for the perfect end to any first birthday bash.

Delivery and Care Instructions

  • Images of cakes are solely for illustration purposes. Cake stands and other props are purely for display. Since all of our cakes are handcrafted by our chefs, the final product may differ in colour and design from the website images.

  • Images of cakes are solely for illustration purposes. Cake stands and other props are purely for display. Since all of our cakes are handcrafted by our chefs, the final product may differ in colour and design from the website images.

  • There is a risk of cross-contact and the presence of allergens in certain of our goods since our kitchens handle components like wheat and nuts.

  • Your cake will arrive in a hygienic and durable cardboard cake box.

  • Before serving, non-edible materials such as toothpicks, dowels, skewers, or wires used to support fondant figures must be removed.

  • We only use edible food colouring that is of the highest quality. The colour of cream cakes, on the other hand, has a staining tendency. The colouring on the skin is harmless and will disappear after a few washes.

  • Due to temporary ingredient limitations, flavour, design, and colour substitutions may be required.

  • Cream cakes should be kept in the fridge. They may be kept in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

  • Fondant cakes do not need refrigeration and have a one-day shelf life. They should be kept in a cool and dry location.

  • Remove the cake from the refrigerator 5 minutes before cutting or serving.

  • The cake should not be frozen.

  • Keep cakes away from direct sunshine and warm areas.

  • To obtain clean cake pieces, follow these guidelines: Dip the knife in hot water, then wipe with a clean cloth before cutting the cake. Wipe the knife after each slice to ensure a smooth and clean cut.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does a Smash Cake taste the same as a classic cake?

Smash Cakes are laden with extra cream and frosting to make them perfect for smashing. Therefore, they tend to vary from classic cakes, and their texture as well as the flavour may feel different. However, they are completely edible and we guarantee good flavour!

Q. Can I order eggless smash cake?

Absolutely! We recognize that not everyone prefers eggs, and we’re prepared to serve all preferences. As a result, we have other options available. We value our consumers, which is why we provide eggless variants of our Smash Cake as a convenience.

With our eggless Smash Cakes, we’ll make sure that no one is left out of the messy, smashing celebration!

All of the eggless cakes offered at WarmOven are made from scratch using only natural and seasonal ingredients.

Q. Can I customize the Smash Cake?

You most certainly can. However, the shape of the cake will remain circular. For other options, feel free to browse our catalogue of cakes!

You can order your Smash Cake in just the colour and size you want for the celebration. We offer Blue, Pink, Red, as well as Green, Yellow, and Purple, along with Orange, Red, and White frosting colours.

As for the size, our available Smash Cake sizes range from 500 g to 2 kg. Also available is the option of specifying whether you'd prefer an eggless cake or not.

As for the flavour of the cakes, you can choose from the classics which are Chocolate Truffle, Black Forest, Choco Chip, Death by Chocolate, and more, depending on your preferences. If you're looking for something a little different, we also have Mixed Fruit, Litchi, Pineapple, and more. Choose whatever you like!

Finally, you may personalize a message for the cake, and you'll be ready for the perfect birthday or anniversary celebration.

Q. Will the colour from a Smash Cake wash off?

Yes, it most certainly will. We use only edible and skin-safe food colouring certified by FSSAI for our Smash Cake. In some cases, the food colouring may lead to staining, but it will fade away after five or six washes. Don’t worry!

Q. Can I specify a certain delivery time window while making an order?

There is no doubt that you may book a specific time window for online cake delivery in your city—or any other location. WarmOven is all about making things as easy as possible for you.

Q. Can I have the Smash Cake delivered at a time other than regular business hours?

Yes, of course. We deliver throughout the day. As for midnight cake delivery, you may choose the 11 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. slot for any upcoming birthday or anniversary celebration. We have a network of couriers and delivery partners that work together to guarantee that your cake arrives at your doorstep on time. There's no fuss!

Care Instructions

Delivery and Care instructions

  • All our ingredients are sourced fresh and are of the highest quality
  • Cake images are only for reference. Cake stands and other props are used for illustrative purpose only
  • All cakes are handcrafted by our chefs hence the final product may have variations in colour and design from the website images
  • Our kitchens handle ingredients like wheat and nuts and there is a risk of cross-contact and the presence of allergens in some of our products
  • Your cake will be delivered in a hygienic & sturdy cardboard cake box
  • Non-edible items such as toothpicks, dowels, skewers or wires used to give support to fondant figurines need to be removed before serving
  • We use only high-quality food grade edible colouring. However, the colour from cream cakes has a staining tendency. The staining on skin is non-toxic and will fade away after a couple of washes.
  • Substitutions of flavours, designs or colours may be needed due to temporary unavailability of ingredients.
  • Cream cakes should be stored in a refrigerator. Fondant cakes should be stored in a cool place.
  • Remove the cake from the refrigerator 5 minutes before cutting/serving
  • Do not freeze the cake
  • Do not keep cakes near sunlight or warm places
  • Cream cakes can be stored in the fridge for approx. 2 days
  • Fondant cakes do not need refrigeration and have a shelf life of 1 day only
  • Tips to get clean cake slices:
    1. - Dip any knife in hot water, immediately wipe with a clean towel and cut the cake
    2. - Wipe the knife after cutting every slice for a smooth & clean cut
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