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A picture is worth a thousand words. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could embed a photo on a cake and gift it to your loved ones for a special occasion? One such cake that will blow you away is WarmOven’s Birthday Cakes with Photo. Our team of expert chefs will print your favourite photo and layer it on top of a freshly made delicious cake of your choice. These custom made cakes can reach your party within hours anywhere in Bangalore. A personalised photo cake is perfect for any occasion with friends, family or loved ones. It is always a fun moment when a person sees their own photograph over a cake!

What is Photo Cake?

Photo cakes are cakes with an edible print of a photograph covering them. It is an ‘eatable’ copy of your best photo placed on top of your favourite flavour cake. It has always amazed people to know that a knife can cut through these photos since they look so real. To make these special photo cakes, we use a high quality edible starch paper & edible ink. WarmOven uses only the best of ingredients and printing equipment to make sure you get a clear and good image atop your cake.

Are the Photos Edible?

Yes, the photo on top of your cake is completely edible & safe to eat. It is made of food grade ink and edible starch paper which are safe even for kids.

WarmOven Photo Cake

Photo cakes are made individually to order and are very personal to the birthday celebrant in a way that they are topped with a picture that could bring back a thousand memories. These cakes are unique and one of a kind having being personalized to suit the occasion or family. A birthday celebration is a very special event and a day that will remain in our memories forever. A personal touch will always make this occasion even more special. Each cake will have your own personal style and no two photo cakes will be alike. A photo birthday cake is an extraordinary way to display any theme and your personalized wishes – be it humorous, loving, intimate or emotional.

Be it an anniversary, a birthday, a family reunion or a just-like-that party, photo cake would be an ideal choice. Watch your guests delight as they cut these stunning masterpieces on their special day.

With technology so advanced, it is possible to print just about anything on the edible sheets and paste it over the birthday cake and WarmOven gives you the freedom to design your very own cake picture. Some of the most popular ideas we have come across so far are simple happy faces of friends and family, photos of kids with pets, collages of fun childhood memories put together for a reunion, typed out text messages in a comical font, logo of favourite football club for a soccer husband, Sudoku photo print for grandparent’s anniversary and a whole calendar month for the organizer wife on her birthday.

If you are a busy parent looking for a quick and neat idea to surprise your child for a birthday today, you can also select from one of our pre-designed birthday photo cakes to save time. These include Spiderman cake with photo, Chhota Bheem photo cake, Disney Frozen Photo cake & Peppa Pig photo cake. These are just a few ideas; the canvas is blank so feel free to make it pretty!

We have been delivering photo birthday cakes across Bangalore since the start of our business. Our photo prints are printed on edible starch sheets of a very high quality giving your picture a good clarity. The cake and image is finally finished with neat borders of freshly whipped cream.

We are unmatched when it comes to our impeccable service and delicious cakes. We use only the finest and the most freshly available ingredients to make our cakes the best you can find anywhere in Bangalore.

Photo Cake for Corporates & Businesses

Corporates, big & small, have also been benefiting from these personalised photo cakes for their company events, be it a birthday celebration, an annual day or a ‘goodbye’ celebration to a leaving employee.

With WarmOven’s Photo Cakes you can get as creative as possible. If you are a start-up, you will appreciate how important it is for your product to be branded and marketed. Photo cakes with a print of the company logo help in promoting the company’s products in a distinctive yet delicious way.

Photo Cakes are a great ice breaker at any team meet and help the team to bond over a little bit of sweetness and fun. Imagine the impact of having a team photo on top of a delicious cake at your monthly meetings. Sharing a WarmOven cake at a team meet is something the entire team will look forward to and make review meetings a more pleasant affair.

Send a Photo Cake

We all feel miserable if we cannot be with your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion like graduation, baby shower, promotion, engagement etc. How we wish that we could be with them and cut that special cake making the moment memorable. With social media allowing us to communicate with our friends and family more freely, sending your thoughts with a cake can make the day so much more special.

There may be many reasons as to why you cannot be there with your loved ones to celebrate a special occasion. But distance is never really a concern when you are away from Bangalore and you make the smart decision to place an order for a WarmOven cake to be sent to your family or friends in Bangalore. Show them that they are always on your mind and make them happy.

It is quite an easy way to make someone feel loved and special. Simply WhatsApp to us or upload onto the WarmOven website any high quality photo that you would like printed over your loved one’s favourite flavoured cake. You could also design your very own special message in JPG format and we will have it printed over the cake.

Photo cakes can be sent within short notice so if you have forgotten a special occasion WarmOven can save you some embarrassment.  Place your order online along with a photograph and we guarantee delivery of a delicious and stunning photo birthday cake to your loved one within 3 hours. WarmOven is one of the few bakeries in Bangalore that provides customers with the option of a same day personalised birthday photo cakes.

We at WarmOven also know that everyone loves a good surprise, especially if the surprise is on your birthday, more so if it is late at night to usher in your birthday celebrations. You can surprise your loved ones by sending a late night delivery of happy birthday cake with photo. Your friends and family will never forget what you did for them from miles away at the stroke of midnight on the day of their birthday. They will be stunned to see such a wonderful looking photo on birthday cake with a personal message printed on it delivered late at night.

Birthday Photo Cake Flavours

Photo cakes take the famous and lip smacking WarmOven flavours to a whole new level. They can be made in various mouth-watering options such as Chocolate chip, Red Velvet cake, Blackforest cake, Chocolate Truffle, Creamy Chocolate, Litchi, Mixed Fruit, Pineapple, Strawberry or Butterscotch. Our cakes are made up of layers of moist and soft cake covered with freshly whipped cream or chocolate ganache.

We can deliver a personalised photo cake with a photo of your choice in any of the above flavours within 3 hours anywhere in Bangalore.

Size, Colour & Format of the Edible Picture

To get a good clear picture on your cake, see to it that you choose a good high resolution image. If the image fits neatly, without stretching, on your computer screen and has a good clarity, its good enough for us to print on your birthday cake. The final size of the edible print will depend on the size of your cake. All our photo birthday cakes are rectangular in shape. You can choose from the smallest cake of 1 kg cake to a grand 5 kg cake to fit your party crowd and we shall accommodate your picture accordingly on top of it.

The colour of the edible photo print may sometimes vary since we use edible ink which could at times differ in shade when compared to the same colour paper printing ink. But you can be assured that you will find the brightness in colours of the edible photo prints to be visually very appealing.

Pictures will have to be only in JPG format. We do not accept any other format as a conversion to JPG would distort the quality and resolution of the photo.

Our aim is to keep it simple for our customers. Select or create a photo of your choice, simply share it with us on whatsapp or upload it onto our website in a jpg format, choose your cake size & flavour and get a ‘fresh from the oven’ photo birthday cake with the exact same photo delivered right to your doorstep.

Give us just 3 hours and we can have the freshly baked photo cake delivered to you in a jiffy. You will be thoroughly delighted with the results.

These photo cakes make any celebration a little bit more special and the choices for your next birthday party are going to be plenty. The photo birthday cake makes a big impact at every celebration and your party shall be remembered for a long time to come.

Shelf Life of Edible Prints

Photo cakes are usually polished off by guests as soon as they are cut. However, the sheet might develop some air bubbles from within the cake. This makes the photo layer to get distorted with time. Please take this into consideration while placing your order. Our suggestion – cut the cake and have your celebration as soon as you receive a photo cake.

Nevertheless, it must be remembered that this quality of the cake does not get affected. You can still enjoy your cake that has been stored properly and at the right temperature irrespective of the air bubbles on the photo.

WarmOven is undeniably Bangalore’s most sought after online cake bakery. We make sure we maintain strict quality in our cakes and our services. We wish to meet our customer’s highest expectations with each order. It is for this very reason we have been rated as one of the best online bakeries in Bangalore by our customers who support us with a lot of patronage. We know for sure you will come back for more after your first order of this unique photo on cake combination. Place your order for a photo cake for birthday today - make the photo as extravagant or as simple as possible & we will make your birthday cake as delicious and stunning as possible!