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Custom Cakes FAQ


All you wanted to know about ordering custom cakes (Theme cakes/Party cakes/Shape cakes/Designer cakes/Fondant cakes).


So you are planning a party and want a cake that wows your guests. Or maybe you are planning to send a theme cake to your friend as a surprise gift. We understand that you may have a lot of questions in your mind before you are ready to place an order. Here is a list of commonly asked questions about custom cakes for you to read through.


Do you do custom cakes?

Yes we do, in fact custom cakes are WarmOven’s specialty. Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, graduation, baby shower, whatever the occasion or celebration, if you desire a customized or themed cake then WarmOven is at your service.


How are the customized cakes made?

Your choice of cake is first layered with buttercream or freshly whipped cream on the inside and then covered and designed with fondant, buttercream or fresh whipped cream or chocolate ganache externally (depending on the flavor you choose). The toppers/designs on the covered cakes are made with fondant.


What is fondant?

Fondant icing, also commonly referred to simply as fondant, is an edible icing used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries. It is dough made out of sugar that is rolled out into sheets to cover the cakes or molded to create figures and other cake toppers. Please note that fondant is 100% edible, however it has sugary dough like taste. If you do not like this taste, you can peel it off after cutting the cake and before distributing to your guests.


Are the numbers, figures and flowers on the cake edible?

Yes. Everything on the cake is edible. However, for certain themed cakes, we use readymade non-edible toppers, this will be discussed with you when placing the order. Also, if there are huge toppers on your cake, look below to ensure that there are no wooden dowels (thin cylindrical wooden rods like toothpicks) for supporting the toppers.


What colouring do you use?

We use FSSAI certified Food Grade colors of the best quality for the fondant. If you wish, you can request vegan organic colors and fondant, however this will be charged extra per kg. Also note that organic and vegan fondant does not always provide the best finish and look.


Can you match the colours of my requirement?

We try our best to match the colours as per your request but please bear in mind that due to food colouring constraints we may not be able to match all colours and cannot assure an exact imitation.


How do I order a custom cake?

We have a limited selection of theme cakes shown on our website. If you like one of those, you can directly place an order on our site. You will be provided an opportunity to customize the message during the ordering process. However if you have a theme in mind, and you do not see a similar cake on our website, you can search on google for an image of a cake that you like. Download the image (has to be at least post card size) and send it to us along with your preference of flavor and weight required. We will revert confirming if it can be made, minimum weight constraints and our quote. You can reach us in any way that is convenient to you

Give us a call on 888-0-233-233

Email us at sales@warmoven.in

Leave us a message on our FB page - https://www.facebook.com/WarmOven


Till what time do you take orders?

You can reach us from 8AM in the morning till 11PM in the evening.


How do I choose the cake theme/design?

You could firstly choose your theme from the many we have already worked on. Pictures of our earlier custom cakes are uploaded regularly on our webpage/facebook/instagram/pinterest. You could then select one of the cakes from our collection or request for any modifications/customization to the designs done earlier. If you are still not convinced of our cakes suiting your party's theme, you could send us your own design/drawing or any designs off the internet.


Do you have a catalog?

You can find our custom cakes at the below links:





Can I customize or design my own cake?

Yes of course, simply send us your sample pictures or drawings, cake flavor and required weight and we will revert with possibility of doing it and a quotation. Or you could call our expert for some suggestions.


Can I visit your store or meet the bakers to discuss the cake?

We are an internet only bakery without a store front. You can call and explain your requirement to any of our experienced staff.  In case of large orders and you want to try out a few flavors, we can deliver a few sample flavors to your doorstep. We will charge you Rs 50/- per sample(one serving) and a delivery charge of Rs 100/-.  We do not have keep samplers readily available at our kitchen, but at prepared only upon request.


Do I need to order a minimum size of cake?

Yes, intricate designs and themes cannot be done with small cakes.  Our expert will advise you of the minimum size depending on the theme.


Will you be able to make a cake that is an exact match of a picture I see online or a design I send?

Most of the times yes. Every cake on our webpage and social media album has been made by us at our facility. Having said this, it needs to be remembered that all cakes are hand crafted individually by our cake decorators each having his/her own style of designing. Hence the outcome might not always be a 100% duplication of what you see online or visualize.


How do i share the desired cake's images?

You can send us the pictures through whatsapp on 888-0-233-233. You could also email the pictures to sales@warmoven.in


What are the flavours you offer? Can I suggest my own unique flavours?

Our basic flavours are - Blackforest, Butterscotch, Choco Chip, Chocolate Truffle, Creamy Chocolate, Plain Vanilla, Litchi, Mixed Fruit, Pineapple and Strawberry. You can also choose from our range of  Raspberry chocolate, German chocolate, Choco Almond, Choco Caramel, Choco Orange, Blueberry Choco mocha, Choco Hazelnut, Choco coconut, Choco butterscotch and Red velvet. However if you'd like the flavour customized do let us know what you have in mind and we'll try our best to replicate it


Can I choose combination flavours?

Yes you can. Ask our expert.


Do you offer flavour tastings?

Yes, we do.  In case of large orders if you want to try out a few flavors before ordering, we can deliver a few sample flavors at your doorstep. We will charge you Rs 50/- per flavor (one serving) and a delivery charge of Rs 100/-.  We do not have keep samplers readily available at our kitchen, but these are prepared only upon request.


Can you personalize dietary considerations?

Yes, custom cakes can be made in the eggless variety as well.


How many Kgs would I need to order?

A broad rule of thumb is 1 Kg = 10 persons (average serving sizes).  But you are the best judge of your friend's and family's sweet tooth so choose accordingly. You wouldn't want to fall short!


How many days in advance should I place my order?

You would need to let us know at least 48 hours prior to the delivery date. Earlier the better, to avoid disappointment since we can prepare only a limited number of custom cakes in a day.


Will my cake be delivered fresh?

All our cakes are baked fresh and decorated just before dispatch nevertheless to reach your party on time. We do not refrigerate or freeze cakes. So what you receive will be fresh out of the oven.


Do I need to refrigerate the cake?

Post your party it would be ideal to refrigerate the cake to retain its freshness.


Do you also make other customized items?

Yes, we can customize cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, chocolates to match the main cake and theme.


Do you make customized logo cakes?

Corporate or Team logo cakes can be made out of fresh cream, fondant, edible photo printing. We can also customize the cookies and cupcakes with logos. Assorted cookies/cupcakes packs with logos can be made too.


Do you do photo cakes?

Yes. Simply send us the required picture and we shall print it on edible sheets. This sheet goes directly onto the cake of your choice. This is a thin edible sheet with the picture laid on top of the cake. Please make sure that the picture is of very good resolution.


Can you combine a photo cake and a theme cake?

Yes, we bring to life whatever you can imagine.  


Do you do adult themed cakes?

Yes, we like naughty ideas. Don’t be shy! Check out our Instagram and pintrest streams for some adult themed cakes.


Do you make 2 or 3 tiered custom cakes?

Yes, we do.


How much would a custom cake cost?

Pricing varies from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1,600 per kg. The rate depends on the size of the cake and the complexity of the artwork required to be done on it. There are no extra delivery charges (See FAQ below).


Would I need to pay an advance or deposit?

Yes. Full payment needs to be made in advance for customized cakes. This will help us work on your cake on scheduled time.


By when do I have to make the payment?

To confirm your order, you'd need to make the full payment 48 hours prior to delivery time.


How do I pay you for the custom cakes?

We will provide you with the bank details to transfer the amount online. Or if you prefer to pay by card, we will share a link where you can make the payment.


What is your cancellation and refund policy for custom cakes?

If you cancel 48 hours before delivery you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel 24 hours earlier you will receive a 50% refund.

Any cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance shall not be refunded. This would be only fair to our business since we do a lot of groundwork in terms of sourcing and preparation as well as forgoing other orders to accommodate time for preparing custom cakes.


Where all do you delivery in Bangalore?

We deliver within Bangalore city limits.


Do you charge extra for delivery?

Our delivery is free for regular delivery hours. A nominal rate of Rs. 150 is charged for premium delivery slots - between 7am to 10 am and 11pm to 12 am delivery. It must be noted that the delivery could sometimes be delayed due to traffic, weather or reasons beyond our control.


Would you deliver the cakes to the venue? How are these cakes transported?

Yes we will deliver the cake to the address provided by you. Large cakes that are exceeding 3-4 kgs are transported by a four wheeler


What if my cake gets damaged while in transit?

Utmost care is taken to deliver the cake intact to you. However in the rare case that the cake does get damaged, we will try to fix it immediately by sending our chef. If it is beyond repair we will provide you with a flat cake (regular single layer cake) of the same weight free of cost. We don’t want you to have a party without a cake!


More questions? Feel free to write to us at sales@warmoven.in or call us at 888-0-233-233.