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Do you serve fresh products everyday?

Yes, all our cakes are baked to order after we receive your order.

What do you do with unsold products?

We don’t have any unsold products since all our cakes are baked only after we receive an order from a customer.

What is the Lead Time to execute cake deliveries?

We require at least 3 hours to bake a fresh cake and deliver it to you or your loved ones with a personalized message.

I made a mistake while placing the order. How do I change it or cancel it?

Please call our Customer Service on 888-0-233-233 or email us at sales@warmoven.in and we will get it rectified for you.

How many cake shops do you have in India?

We don’t have any physical outlets where you can buy cakes. We take orders either through our website or on the phone and deliver the cakes to a location of your choice. We have two kitchens where the cakes are baked. We currently operate in Bangalore.

What are the various payment options?

Cash on Delivery and Online Payment 

Can I have a Personalized Message on the Cake?

Of course you can! While filling the details in the product section, kindly specify your Message in the "Message on Cake" field. Please keep it short.

Is the Payment Gateway on  your Website Secure?

Yes, we have integrated with Payumoney for the payment gateway and all online payments go through their secure interface.


What is your return policy?

We will ensure that all our cakes are delivered fresh (baked a couple of hours before delivery) and in good shape to your premises. Should the cake be smudged or crushed during delivery, we will be happy to give you a refund.

Will you wait for me if I am not around to accept delivery?

We will keep you informed in advance of the delivery slot. It is your responsibility to ensure that there is someone to collect the delivery at the chosen delivery location. Our delivery executive will call you to check and perhaps wait for a reasonable time of 10-15 minutes to deliver the order. In case, no one is able to receive the order, we will take the product back to our kitchen.

Will you leave the delivery at my doorstep?

Ideally, we wouldn’t want to! However, if you as a customer insist, then we will leave it at your doorstep since customer is king! We will not be liable to any damage, theft or spoilage of the product delivered in such cases.

How do I select my delivery slot?

When you place an order, you will be provided with an option to pick your delivery slot.

Can I change my delivery slot after I have already place my order?

Yes you can. Please call our customer service on 888-0-233-233 to change your delivery slot. We will only be able to change the delivery slot as long as we have 90 minutes of notice. We will not be able to do so if we have less notice.

I want to cancel my order? How do I do it?

Your order can be cancelled as long as you give us sufficient notice of at least 4 hours prior to the delivery time. Please call our customer service on 888-0-233-233 if you wish to cancel your order.