Delivering cakes in Bangalore and Pune.
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The story so far

It’s the celebration of a special occasion of your loved one.  Having a great looking, fresh and delicious cake is an absolute must. You take the trouble of driving down to that famous cake shop in your neighborhood. Your preferred flavor may not be available but that’s all right and you eye that fantastic looking cake sitting on the refrigerated shelf and decide to buy it. If the cake tastes delicious, it becomes the talk of the party and everyone is appreciating you. If not.., well, we don’t have to elaborate on the disappointment.


Most of us have had mixed experiences even when we have purchased cakes from the best bakeries in town.  Even if you get the cake of your choice, it is most likely prepared the previous night and by the time you consume the cake, it is more than a day after it was prepared. And the added chore of getting the cake just before the party!

And the future as we see it

WarmOven is a made-to-order neighbourhood bakery with a virtual store front.  This concept originated from our own experiences of running bakeries as well as having cakes from around the town. You bet, we had to work hard to shed all those extra calories :-)


With Warmoven we want to change the way in cakes are baked and delivered to consumers. Our offering is differentiated by


- A wide assortment of cakes to choose from


- Guaranteed freshness since the cakes are baked just before dispatch


- Convenience of home delivery