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    Our Team

    Our Credentials

    We are group of people passionate about food, technology, processes and customer service. We have years of experience in running food businesses including bakeries. We want to change the way customers order and consume cake, because we believe cakes are best enjoyed when eaten fresh! With this simple philosophy and enabled by technology, we bring fresh and delicious cakes of your choice, direct to your door steps.

    Our Bakers

    Chef Praful

    With years of experience in baking cakes and goodies, Praful leads a team of 15+ chefs. An expert artisan, our chef  Praful ensures that every member of his team bakes with love!


    Rohan (the orchestrator)

    The operations expert who puts the strategy into action. A true all-rounder, he manages our operations, customer support and delivery.

    And our Backers

    Sapna & Mahesh Madiyala

    Sapna is a quality expert with lean being her gene. And thanks to being lean, she definitely gets to test the quality of all our cakes.

    Mahesh is an IIM-A grad who wants to be the Michael Dell of Bakeries by cutting all the fat (in the processes and not the cakes) in bakeries.


    Aruna Pemmaraju & Gautam Balijepalli


    Aruna is an ex-IT professional and a full-time mom to two young banana-cake lovers, aged 7 & 2. And she knows what kids want, which is what all parents want!

    Gautam, alumnus of IIT and London Business School brings a ton of experience from his VC days. Like baking a cake, he is putting the right business ingredients together in a particular way to raise the business and make it taste fantastic.


    Pooja & Sumit

    Pooja, an ex-IT professional, has her own fashion boutique and inspires us to make our cakes fashionable. 

    Sumit, an IIT alumnus dabbles with technology and business with ease. Thanks to him, your neighbourhood store now sits in the cloud, maybe the one right over your home!



    Our design expert. Its his job to make our customers to salivate just by looking at the pictures of the cakes.