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A Fun Birthday With Kid’s Birthday Cakes

Planning your child’s birthday is all about the party theme, the games, the gifts and toys, the balloons and finally, the birthday cake. A kid’s birthday does not call for a romantic table for two or a quiet dinner at home. Your child will be expecting a lot more fun than that. Speaking of the birthday theme, most children would like to have a theme birthday party with a cake to match that theme. No it’s not just the flavour, the toppings and the cream that you will be looking at here. They will expect something more like Avengers Superheroes on a cake or a cake made out of a Barbie doll or maybe the entire Angry Birds team on their cake when they walk into the party hall and no, you wouldn’t want to disappoint them.

So, while you shop for all the decorations and snacks that you need, we at WarmOven will have the birthday cake sorted for you with our range of Kids Birthday Cakes that you can choose from.

That being said, here is a brief guide on what you can expect when you buy kids birthday cakes online at Bangalore, Pune or Hyderabad:

Birthday Cakes for Boys

When it comes to birthday cakes for boys, Superheroes are most often a winner. Batman cakes, Spiderman cakes, Ironman cakes and Superman cakes are some common favourites. No matter what you choose as the theme of your son’s birthday party, you will find some beautiful handcrafted superhero birthday cakes online on WarmOven.

If your son is not into superheroes, we have other cartoon cakes that he may like. Who wouldn't jump with excitement at the sight of a birthday cake with jungle animals as fondant toppers? In fact, Jungle Animal theme cakes can make exciting birthday cakes for boys and girls too. Pair these with jungle animal decorations in the party hall and your child is sure to enjoy his or her birthday.

Does your son love watching Angry Bird movies? Does he like playing Angry Bird games online? Then you can have an Angry Birds theme birthday party where he can cut an Angry Birds birthday cake. If he is someone who has watched all the episodes of Chotta Bheem, nothing like a happy birthday Chotta Bheem cake at his birthday party.

Does he play with Thomas the Train? Then chances are that you are thinking up Thomas the Train cake ideas. All you have to do is browse through WarmOven birthday cakes for kids online and find a Thomas the Train cake that you can buy.

Birthday Cakes for Girls

If you are shopping for your daughter’s birthday cake, you can visit WarmOven to find pretty Barbie cakes and Mermaid cakes. What better than a Mermaid sitting pretty on top of a cake or a Barbie doll dressed in pink fondant or freshly whipped cream to add to the exciting games and give her a day to remember. Whether you’re planning your daughter’s first birthday or it’s a birthday bash for a 4 year old girl, Mermaid and Barbie cakes won’t just add to the birthday party decorations but make for great birthday party pictures too.

Is she more into animals and circus characters? In that case, you can browse through WarmOven Kids Cakes online to find a Circus Theme Cake for her. Circus themes make good birthday cakes for boys too. These are a good idea when you are planning a birthday and your child is too small to know Superman or Barbie.

Baby and Toddler Birthday Cakes

When a baby is born, the parents cannot wait to celebrate the child’s birthday. Celebrate the gift of your child by getting a cake for the 6 month birthday of your little baby. WarmOven has some of the most beautiful 6 month birthday cakes or Half Birthday Cakes as they are known, in a variety of flavours and designs.

If you are planning the first birthday of your toddler, you may not really want to buy a cake with a cartoon character on it. However, browsing through birthday cakes online, you will also come across a lot of beautiful birthday cakes on WarmOven that your child will surely love.

If your child is drawn towards books or videos that have a lot of colour, animal characters, castles, balloons etc then you can browse through WarmOven kid's birthday cakes online to find cute Elephant Cake, Swirl Cakes & even colourful Rainbow Gems Cakes with a whole lot of sprinkles on it that your toddler would delightfully giggle at. Animal theme cakes are a favourite among little children, be it as a sculpted fondant topper on a birthday cake or an entire cow or tiger shaped cake!

To make your birthday party preparation easy before your child’s first birthday, you can visit WarmOven to find a collection of beautiful cakes for little boys and girls.

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Eggless Cakes for Your Kids Birthday

Planning your kid’s birthday party needs careful arranging. Having all his or her friends come over for games and snacks is nice but you need to be prepared with the right menu and cake if there are vegetarians at the party. In such a case, you can easily buy eggless cakes online from WarmOven. Simply place an order on WarmOven to buy eggless cakes at Bangalore, Pune or Hyderabad. We have eggless cakes available in all our cake varieties and sizes.

Buy kid's Birthday Cakes Online

Children’s birthday parties always call for return gifts or return favors to give away to the little children who come over to the birthday party. The usual toys, puzzles and games could add to the toy clutter a child would already have. Instead you could think of giving away cute Jar Cakes, Cupcakes or Pastries as give away return gifts to all the guests. Simply place your order online with WarmOven for boxes of Pastries, Cupcakes or Jar Cake Combos.

True, you can’t really sculpt a cake to look like Spiderman or a Mermaid for your daughter’s or son’s birthday. So, set aside the baking skills for your anniversary cake, Valentine’s day cake or his birthday cake and for your child’s birthday cake, you have WarmOven to help you with a variety that you are going to love. In this way, you can spend your energy in planning the menu, games and songs for the day.

So, while you go about choosing the party hats, colors of balloons and prizes for the games, make the cake part easier by placing an order for the birthday cake online at WarmOven, the best bakery near you. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to have a party at a restaurant or at home, because we at WarmOven deliver your cakes all over Bangalore,Pune & Hyderabad. All you have to do is order a birthday cake online from us and our expert delivery personnel shall deliver it safely right to your doorstep.

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