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Flowers add colour and fragrance to our lives


Whether it is a birthday, anniversary or simply a happy occasion, everyone enjoys receiving flowers. And why won’t they? Flowers are attractive because of their beauty and charm, and can entice even the coldest of hearts. Flowers can be given to a sick friend or a sad family member to brighten their day. However, flowers are not always bought for others. Recent statistics show that many people buy flowers for themselves, to beautify their home or office areas. Whatever be the occasion, it is safe to say that flowers provide warmth and comfort, and can melt even the coldest of hearts. Gifting flowers is the surest possible way of conveying feelings and emotions.


The tradition of gifting flowers originated in the prehistoric times. Flowers have always been an integral part of social ceremonies. In ancient Greece and Rome, certain flowers were associated with specific Gods and Goddesses. The custom of communicating messages through flowers started in Victorian England, where the strict moral code did not allow the divulgence of feelings publicly. It was the Victorians who developed many rules regarding the gifting of flowers. Although those rules have been diluted and mostly done away with, the custom of giving flowers on celebratory occasions continues to remain highly prevalent even today. Different flowers convey different messages based on their colour and type. For example, white flowers convey purity and chastity, whereas red flowers are symbolic of passion and love. Therefore, giving the right flowers on the right occasion holds a lot of significance.


In an ideal world, we would walk into a beautifully decorated florist shop and choose from their wide range of exquisite flowers. However, in our fast paced world, achieving that is nearly impossible. We get everything at the click of a button, so why not flowers? WarmOven is one of the best florists in Bangalore, and is dedicated to strive for your satisfaction. This portal provides a flower delivery option that will allow you to get flowers delivered at your doorstep. This portal offers the best online flower delivery in Bangalore.  You can send flowers to Bangalore when -ever you want. If a loved one has a birthday coming up, it would be a good idea to surprise them with a big bunch of carefully chosen flowers early in the morning. It will surely keep them up and thriving for the rest of their special day. Or is a very special couple is organizing an anniversary party that you cannot attend, you can send your love and heart - felt congratulations with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Buy flowers online for your near and dear ones, and it is our guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Give your friends and family the gift of beautiful flowers with the help of WarmOven. We provide some of the best online flowers in Bangalore at reasonable prices. Our range and collection of flowers is sure to mesmerize you. Give us a try to know better, and send flowers online whenever you wish to do so.  


Get your wonderful friends the most heartwarming presents on Friendship day


Friendship day demarcates a joyous occasion between two lifelong friends. People walk in and out of our lives, but some stay forever - they are our true friends. Although each day of friendship is equally beautiful, friendship day is a day on which we can formally show our friends how important they are to us. For this happy day, WarmOven brings you some of the best gifts for friendship day. There is something for every kind of friend available here. If your friend is a foodie, then you are in luck, because WarmOven specializes in a variety of cakes as well. Cakes can make any celebration better. It is hard to think of any ceremonies which do not involve a cake in some way or the other. Cakes are an embodiment of merriment. We provide cakes that are superior both in quality and design. All our cakes use the best products available in the market and are freshly baked, which is why they are so delicious. WarmOven also provides an online cake delivery option, so you can have the cake of your choice delivered at your home.


Not just friendship day, but every occasion requires a cake. The tradition of cutting a cake has evolved from birthdays to every occasion imaginable now. It is impossible to think of a single celebration where the candles of a delicious cake are not blown out first. From small parties to elaborate gatherings, the cake is always the main attraction. The range of flavors is vast - vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, blueberry and pineapple flavored cakes thrive in the market. The cakes come in all shapes, sizes and designs, so much so, that after a while you will be confused about what to choose. There are a variety of flavors and designs to choose from. The mango cake is suggested, since it uses fresh mango pulp to create a cake that is rich in fruity goodness. If your friend is a fan of mangoes, he/she will not be able to resist this cake. The chocolate cupcakes are a popular choice as well, and the rich chocolate flavor of these cupcakes will leave you asking for more. You can get these cakes customized as per your choice. Photo cakes are all the rage this season. These cakes have a picture on top, so they can be customizes according to your will. You can use a picture of you and your friend to commemorate the beautiful times you have spent together, or you can use a design that specifically pertains to your friend to make it even more special. WarmOven gives you a list of different options to choose from, so you can take your pick accordingly. You can also get a cake designed as per your will if you so desire. Needless to say, these cakes are crafted with extreme precision and care, since we are aware of how important they are for you. Get your cakes from WarmOven today to mark the merry affair of friendship day.


Cakes and flowers make the best love stories


Cakes look best when accompanied with some fresh flowers online. It is impossible to say no to flowers. Flowers, especially lilies, can symbolize wealth and prosperity, so giving lilies to a friend or loved member is considered a good sign. If you are worried about where to find lilies at this odd hour, relax. The best lilies of all shades are available only on WarmOven. You can order roses online with the help of this portal. Enable your friend or loved one to wake up to a fresh and fragrant morning by presenting them with this rich bouquet early in the morning - they will surely be grateful to you for it.


Send some love and good wishes to your near and dear ones on their special days


Sometimes, the most precious people in our lives have to stay apart from us for various reasons. Education and jobs require our loved ones to move away, and although this experience is painful it cannot be avoided. For this reason, we miss out on spending quite a few holidays together - it is truly very saddening. But now, you can make sure that your loved one is having a wonderful day even from the comfort of your own home. With WarmOven, you can send items to anywhere in Bangalore. So if your sibling, parent or significant other is living there, you can send flowers to Bangalore on their special occasions. Suppose it is your sibling’s birthday and they have not been able to come home for the holidays. With the help of WarmOven, you can buy flowers online, along with a cake and some gifts. This can be applicable to any occasion- from birthdays to anniversaries. If you know a lovely couple in Bangalore who has an anniversary coming up, you can send them a bunch of beautiful flowers. Our super fast delivery system ensures that the flowers will remain fresh upon them being received. So, you can always add to their special days and let them know that you are thinking about them. WarmOven offers different floral arrangements for different occasions. You can select from only one type of flower, or may be two to three types - you can even have a whole rainbow in your bouquet - the choice is yours. A beautiful floral display will speak volumes about the love and affection that you are sending to the person.


Let love grow beautifully with the gift of flowers


We have all been in love at some point in our lives, and we know how lovely it is to receive a fresh bouquet of gorgeous flowers from our significant other. A simple flower can work more magic than expensive gifts and luxurious dates. They are appealing to the eye and the heart, and can confess all the things that were left unsaid. Flowers are very thoughtful gifts to give, especially if you can remember the type that is the favourite of the person concerned. Giving your partner some beautiful flowers first thing in the morning will give them one more reason to love you. Flowers are also great for apologies - so if you forgot his/her birthday or anniversary, take a bunch of flowers with you when you apologize. You can even give them flowers for no reason at all - it will make them feel extremely appreciated. Here, you can find some flowers as beautiful as your partner. Roses are a popular choice amongst couples, and are a great way of professing how much you love your spouse. Get a handcrafted bouquet of lush red roses for your partner and watch them jump in elation. The perfect anniversary gift would include some beautiful flowers, a large and ornate cake and a gift designed especially for your partner. It is an amazing way to bask in the glory of the years you have spent in marital bliss. Plenty of gifts are available on WarmOven, ranging from the ordinary and generic to the funky and the elegant. You can get a large number of items that will be in accordance with your partner’s personality. For example, if your partner is a fan of music, you can get them many items that are related to their favourite bands or singers. If your partner is a photographer or an avid reader, there are items available for him too. Men love to take care of themselves as well, so you can present him with a grooming set of any size and type. These are only a few suggestions - once you open the portal of WarmOven, you will be left stunned by the sheer number and options of gifting items we have.


Add warmth to your home with some pretty flowers


Flowers can also add to home décor. They can light up any room in the house. With their varying shades and their charm, flowers can lift the spirits on any gloomy day. If you are feeling especially low, a beautiful bouquet will make you feel a lot better. They can also inspire awe in any guests you might be entertaining, who will surely applaud you for your taste in floral décor. Usually, bright colours work best for the indoors. So a bunch containing yellow, orange and red flowers will definitely open up the colours of your room. Get all this and more on WarmOven. You can find exquisite floral decorations which will be delivered at your doorstep here.


Say what you want in the floral language

There is no better way to express how you truly feel about someone than by giving them some beautiful flowers. There is no one in the world who can say no to an array of wonderful colors and delightful fragrances. Flowers are symbols of tenderness, innocence, kindness, gentility and virtue. They are nature’s most marvelous creation. Their beauty can illuminate even the darkest of rooms and the stormiest of days. They are truly Nature’s treasure chest of wonders. To be able to give a gift of such magnitude to another person is definitely privilege only humans have, and we should use it to the fullest. So go ahead and brighten someone’s day by giving them this beautiful present from nature. WarmOven will assist you in your purchase and on every step of the way.