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Kiddie Box subscription dessert combo


Kiddie Trial Box
Out of Stock
Kiddie Trial Box
Special Price Rs 499 Regular Price Rs 599

25+ pieces from different varieties of goodies

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Kiddie Box - 4 Weeks
Out of Stock
Kiddie Box - 4 Weeks
Special Price Rs 1,599 Regular Price Rs 2,800

25+ pieces from different varieties of goodies

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Kiddie Box - 6 Weeks
Out of Stock
Kiddie Box - 6 Weeks
Special Price Rs 1,999 Regular Price Rs 3,600

25+ pieces from different varieties of goodies

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Currently available in Bangalore only


Your Child Deserves Healthy Snacks

The daily snack time tussle at 4 pm has become the story of every household. It is not easy anymore with parents working from home & the kids schooling from home. 

Parents see a huge challenge especially with snacking. Planning, prepping & making delicious snacks while managing to work from home during this lockdown is a cumbersome jugglery. With more time spent at home, children need to fuel their body with food every couple of hours throughout the day. 

Introducing a New Snacking Idea for Kids 

Curated specially for children, a box of freshly baked goodies that you’ll be more than happy to serve your kids. 

WarmOven Kiddie box contains ready-to-eat snacks for children delivered right to your door on a weekly basis. No more junk food that was packed many months ago and no more hassles or tussles of daily preparation.

Our Kiddie Boxes solve your need to feed a child wholesome snacks. Our Kiddie boxes are made fresh in a hygienically maintained kitchen and delivered to your doorstep keeping food safety guidelines as top priority.

  • Fresh wholesome ingredients loaded with nutrients
  • Tasty for picky eaters
  • Convenience of serving as is or heat for a minute or so 
  • Hygienic preparation, packaging and delivery
  • Variety from new snacks every week


WarmOven Kiddie Box is indulgent, tasty and wholesome offering a variety to everyday snacking. With the lockdown not being in your child’s favour, they deserve a little bit of indulgence!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is WarmOven Kiddie Box?

WarmOven Kiddie Box is a service where we send a weekly nutritious snack box for your children keeping in mind their health & taste preferences.

When will my box be delivered?

Subscription boxes will be delivered only on Fridays. If you subscribe by Wednesday, your first box shall be delivered on Friday and subsequent boxes every Friday. Subscriptions received post-Friday will receive their first box in the following week.

How healthy are the snacks in the WarmOven Kiddie Box?

We understand how difficult it is to get kids to eat some of the healthiest of foods like fruits, nuts, dates or dry fruits. Hence, after a lot of thought, our team has curated this box with products that rate high on nutritional value and health benefits for growing children.

What is inside the box?

All Kiddie Box subscribers will receive 8-10 different snacks every week in a box. To keep it interesting for young kids, the products will be changed on a weekly basis. Some of the products are Banana Walnut Cake, Multigrain Loaves, Millet Cookies, Oat Muffins, Date & Nut Energy Balls, Breakfast Cookies etc. We might also throw in an indulgent goodie for your child like a Nutella Cookie, Coconut Bounty Balls, Chocolate Muffin etc.

We are a Vegetarian family

All products in the Kiddie Box are eggless.

My child has allergies, can I omit some items from the box?

Some of our products contain ingredients such as nuts and other dry fruits while a few others may come in contact with such allergens. However, at the moment we are unable to honour request to omit certain snacks from the box.

What are the safety measures you follow?

WarmOven has always prioritized on safety and cleanliness. The snacks are prepared with the freshest of ingredients in a kitchen that is well sanitized and by staff that are trained thoroughly in safe food handling procedures.

What are the subscription plans available?

The Kiddie Box subscription is available in two convenient plans - a 4-week plan for Rs. 1,599 and a 6-week plan for Rs. 1,999.

Can I order just one box?

We have a Trial Kiddie Box. You can order a single Trial Box before choosing a subscription plan that suits your requirement.

Where can the box be delivered?

Kiddie Boxes are currently being delivered only within Bangalore city limits. However, we are expanding quickly, so we will be in more cities soon!

Can I subscribe for a niece/nephew/friend’s child?

Of course, you can. Subscription boxes are great and unique gifts. Surprise a child by subscribing to a 4-week or 6-week plan of the WarmOven Kiddie Box for him/her.

How much is the delivery charge?

Kiddie Box is delivered free of charge to your doorstep.

What are the payment terms?

Pretty simple. After you add the desired plan to cart, you can make the payment online. All subscriptions are to be paid for in advance. Cash on delivery is not available.

I have more questions

We are just a call away at 888-0-233-233 Feel free to email us at sales@warmoven.in.