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Birthday Kiddle Box



Banana Walnut Cake

Soft and moist cake made with Banana - the ideal fruit for children & with bits of walnut inside to give it the perfect crunch. A nutrient dense cake kids would enjoy with a cup of warm evening milk.

Apple cake

Rustic apple cake made with children's wonder food! A texture so perfect with a great apple taste that your child may not stop at one slice.

Dates and Nut Balls

Made with superfoods like dates, cashews, almonds and pistachios, this snack is a rich source of health and nutrition in a fun size!

Bounty Balls

Our simple yet delicious take on the classic candy! Chocolate & coconut is so irresistible! This is a delightful treat for little kids!

Dry Apple Energy Bites

A high fibre energy snack made with nutritious dry apples, oats and dates. It has just the right sweetness from honey and a subtle flavour of cinnamon. Great on taste and high on health!

Nutella Cookies

Rich and chewy cookies baked with a generous portion of every child's favourite Nutella. A special treat at snack time!

Brownie Cookies

The trademark crackled top makes this cookie perfectly crisp on the outside and soft & fudgy on the inside. An evening snack to relish!

Oats Almond Cookies

These nutritious cookies have fibre rich oats, almonds and healthy flaxseed. A fun way of including the goodness of wonder foods in your child's diet.

Cup cakes Assorted 6 pcs

An assortment of delicious flavours like Vanilla, Chocolate & Red Velvet. These freshly baked cupcakes are perfectly sized to satisfy hunger pangs.