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It doesn’t matter whether she is three of whether she is thirty. If she knows it’s an occasion that calls for a cake, especially if it’s for her, she’s going to expect it from you, and maybe with some flowers and chocolates on the side, so you better be ready and buy a cake online for daughter’s day.

WarmOven has some very special cakes online that would make beautiful daughter’s day cakes. Just arrange the table with a few flowers and chocolates and then be ready for her to wake up.

So, WarmOven helps you select from a range of beautiful & delicious cakes for daughter’s day on September 27th

Daughter’s Day 2020

Will you have a cosy daughter’s day at home with just your daughter and you or the entire family coming together to celebrate your daughter & cut a daughter’s day cake which they will relish after a homely meal.

Celebrating Daughter’s Day In India

Why not set aside a day to express this emotion to your daughter who means so much to you? So, instead of a cake with an ordinary frosting on it, why not have a beautiful daughter’s day photo cake? One of the most beautiful ways to present daughter’s day greetings on a cake.

You can even choose to have an image of you with your daughter printed on a delicious cake. All you have to do is browse through some of the best daughter’s day cakes online from WarmOven. Daughter’s Day photo cakes are available in a range of flavours like Butterscotch cake, Black Forest Cake, Creamy Chocolate Cake, Strawberry Cake, Pineapple Cake, Litchi Cake. All cakes are available in eggless options as well.

Daughter’s Day Thoughts

Daughter’s day can be one of the most sentimental days of the year. After all they say, a daughter is a daughter all her life and she is going to always remember the daughter’s day cake you bought for her, the hugs and kisses and all that you did to express how special she is to you on this day.

All you have to do is have a look at the cakes we have for you at WarmOven, the best bakery near you. You will find cakes in different flavours. We know girls love chocolates. So, if your daughter is one of them, you can have a look at our special chocolate cakes like Choco Chip cakes, Chocolate Truffle cakes, Blackforest cakes and even unique specialties like the KitKat cake and the Ferrero Rocher cakes.

WarmOven also has various fruit cakes like pineapple cake, strawberry cake and even mango cakes. Apart from this, we also have vanilla cakes, butterscotch cakes and red velvet cakes that can also make lovely daughter’s day cakes.

Book your cake and we will get the cake delivered to you no matter where your daughter stays. We operate in Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad where we can deliver fresh cakes to any part of the city.

Start planning your daughter’s day. Have a look at WarmOven cakes online today.