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WarmOven Birthday Cakes Online- For Kids, Friends and Everyone

Whether it’s for your wife, the kids, boyfriend or your bestie, choosing a birthday cake is one of the most important parts of planning a birthday party. But before you bake a cake, we first suggest you look at the images of WarmOven birthday cakes online. With birthday cakes in different designs to delight boys, girls, women, men, boyfriends, kids and even parents, you wouldn’t want to struggle with a difficult cake recipe.

Check out the delicious flavors and wonderful designs of cakes available online at WarmOven before you choose which birthday cake to buy. That being said, here is a brief birthday cake buying guide we hope will help you:

Buy a Birthday Cake Online for Your Lover

Amidst all other romantic birthday surprises you prepare, buying a birthday cake online for your boyfriend or girlfriend can be easy and fun. However, one always faces the challenge of what birthday cake to buy online. Visit WarmOven and quickly find the perfect birthday cake for him or her.

A freshly baked birthday cake alone is not enough, you need some ideas on birthday cake flavours and themes too. That being said, the following are a few birthday cakes ideas for buying a birthday cake for your lover online:

Flavour of the cake -

WarmOven birthday cakes are the best birthday cakes online in Bangalore & Pune. They range in flavours from Red Velvet cake to Whiteforest Cake to simple Mixed Fruit cake. Choose a birthday cake that you think your lover would like best.

Buy Photo Cake Online -

If you want more than a simple birthday cake for him or her you can buy a photo cake online and send us the photo to be printed on the cake. Find a romantic picture of your lover or a picture of the two of you together and send it to us to photo print it on the birthday cake with some freshly whipped cream on the sides to add to the appeal & flavour of the cake.

Buy Theme Birthday Cake Online -

This can work well for a theme birthday party. So, when you buy a WarmOven birthday cake online for your boyfriend or girlfriend, see that it goes with the theme of the party. Buy a birthday cake with a design that matches the decor and theme of the party, write a message on the birthday cake and choose a design that matches the theme you have planned. WarmOven has some of the best designer cakes available online like the Shoppers Delight cake for your girlfriend or a Smartphone shaped cake for your boyfriend. We have also created a range of Naughty Cakes. Simply email or call us to know more details about our Naughty Cakes.

Birthday Cake for Kids

Amidst the toys and other new gifts, one thing children look forward to on their birthday is the delicious birthday cake. However, let’s not assume that it is easy to buy a birthday cake for kids and all you have to do is order a birthday cake online with a name on it.

No matter whether you are buying a birthday cake for a three year old or a ten year old, you need to pay attention to the details to make it a special birthday cake for your son or daughter. So, let us look at what you have to keep in mind when you look at birthday cakes for girls and birthday cakes for boys online.

Buy Birthday Cake for Girls

There is no end to the ideas when it comes to choosing a birthday cake for your daughter online. WarmOven makes it very easy to buy a cake online in Bangalore or Pune.

First Birthday Cake for Girls

If you are buying a birthday cake your daughter’s first birthday do take a look at the range of custom cakes available online on WarmOven. To buy a birthday cake online for your daughter’s first birthday, you could go for customized or theme cakes based on what your daughter likes best. Barbie Doll Cake, Mermaid Cake, Candy Swirls Cake are some of the customized cakes from WarmOven that you can buy online in Bangalore or Pune.

You could also order a photo cake with her favourite cartoon or movie character printed on it like a Disney Frozen Cake.

Birthday cakes for girls can be a little different too. While most girls are lovers of Chocolate Cakes you could also think of buying a Chocolate Rainbow Cake or a unique Rainbow gems pinata cake online.

Ferrero Rocher Cakes and Oreo cookie cake are also all time favourite birthday cakes for girls.

Buying a birthday cake for your teenage daughter is no more a worry. WarmOven’s floral cakes like the Elegant Flowers Cake & the Pretty Flowers cake are known to delight many teenage girls.

Birthday Cake for Boys

Now, while it is easy and fun to buy a birthday cake online for boys, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Have a look at them below:

First Birthday Cakes for boys

Find a range of beautiful theme cakes for boys online. Buying a birthday cake online for boys at Bangalore & Pune is now very easy. For instance, if you’re buying a birthday cake for a toddler, a simple yet fun cake like our Elephant in the Room Cake or the Gift Box Cake would do the trick.

Older boys would be delighted to find an Iron Man Cake or a Chhota Bheem cake. Little boys who are training to become cricketers or football players would love to see that cricket bat or their favourite football club logo on their birthday cake. This is where you need to know what to pay attention to when you buy birthday cakes for boys online. In such a case, ensure that you buy a birthday cake with the Cricket or Football theme like WarmOven’s Indian Cricket Team Photo Cake or the Football Theme Cake.

And if you are arranging a birthday surprise for a teenager, then you may want to buy a birthday cake with a more appropriate theme. WarmOven has some of the best customized birthday cakes for teenagers. You can buy a cool Avengers Endgame Cake or a realistic Maggi Cake which is the go to instant food for teens.

Flavour is another important thing you have to consider when you buy a birthday cake for boys. Not all boys are chocolate lovers, but a lot of young boys do love cakes with a lot of chocolate and rich ganache. If this is your birthday boy, you can check out the variety of chocolate cakes online at WarmOven. We have cakes ranging from the classic Blackforest Cake to the Special Death by Chocolate cake.

For those who are not such a fan of chocolate we have delicious Butterscotch Cake, Red Velvet Cake, and other seasonal fruit flavour like Mango Cake & Mixed Fruit Cake as well that are equally sumptuous and sure to make your little boy’s mouth water.

Buy a Birthday Cake Online from WarmOven

So, that sounds like a lot, right? While buying a birthday cake is easy and fun, you have to make it special too. So, spare yourself the task of getting a cake recipe and instead buy a delicious cake online from WarmOven.

No, you don’t even have to step out of your house to get a special cake. WarmOven has a quick and convenient online cake delivery service in Bangalore & Pune.

Birthday Cake Flavours Available

Cake Weights Available

Red Velvet Cake

Half Kg

Blackforest Cake

1 Kg

Butterscotch Cake

1.5 Kgs

Chocolate Cake

2 Kgs

Choco Chip Cake

3 Kgs

Strawberry Cake

4 Kgs

Photo Cake

5 Kgs

Customized Cake

With Egg & Eggless available in all sizes

Buy Eggless Birthday Cake Online

WarmOven delivers the most delicious eggless birthday cakes online. Our eggless cakes are available in all our flavours and sizes of our signature cakes as well as our customised cakes. Eggless cakes are freshly baked & delivered in Bangalore & Pune just in time for your birthday party.

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